Congratulations Ruff. We miss you!

Bakery: We refuse to serve gay people. Conservatives: That is their right! Bakery: We refuse to serve anyone without a mask. Conservatives: You’re violating our rights! BYH.

BYH: Someone wearing a shirt that says “America, love it or leave it” while holding a flag of a group of people who definitely tried to leave it is the best example of irony I have ever seen.

BYH, 1492: The year native residents discovered Columbus lost at sea.

BYH Pitt County. Why can I walk in and see someone at the City of Greenville for a permit, but you still have your building locked up? After talking to people that do other business with the county it seems that this is the only building that is locked.

BYH, they say we learn from our mistakes. That is why I’m making as many as I can.

BYH Bethel town officials. Towns like Tarboro and Williamston are growing. Tarboro is now getting a Cookout, even with the COVID pandemic. Bethel still doesn’t have a grocery store and hasn’t seen any growth in years. Maybe you should go to some of Tarboro’s town meetings and get some ideas. Bless the hearts of those of us who still live here.

BYH. Just heard on the news that you can get a free COVID test at several locations in Pitt County. They said bring a Photo ID and fill out a form. Interesting you don’t need a Photo ID to vote but you need one to get a free COVID test. Wake up people.

Bless your heart to all politicians wanting to defund the police. To show your confidence in doing without police protection, I suggest that each of you immediately release any state, local or federal policeman assigned to provide personal protection to you. All protective officers should also be removed from federal judges. If you want a body guard, hire one for yourself.

Bless my pitiful heart. The other day my grandson and I were going to the Little League game at Elm Street. My grandson looked at me and asked an amazing question. He said “Grandpa, how can a Sheetz gas station have 66 people in their store and only 25 can people can attend a Little League game at Elm Street?” Personally, I think Stallings Stadium, has more square footage than a Sheetz store.

Whew, the mask is off! The Democrat party is a Marxist, Socialist Party out to “fundamentally change America.” Which means they hate this country and want to destroy it. I love this country and it’s freedoms, sorry you don’t.

I understand that Coach Ruff has taken a job at NC State as associate head coach. Good move on the part of the Pack. A good man to have on your side!

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