BYH, ECU athletics. With all the money you are saving by dropping 4 sports, maybe you can refund our money for single game baseball tickets we didn't get to use like you said you would in your email many weeks ago.

BYH to Troy Dreyfus who continues to rant about decisions made while Jeff Compher was ECU’s AD instead of focusing on what needs to done to right the ship.

Bless you heart to all the people screaming about all the virus deaths that will result if somebody doesn’t wear a mask.  Since this insanity started, I have counted over 400 obituaries in The Daily Reflector. Of those, exactly two were ascribed to CCP-19. Better you should scream about motorcyclists.

BYH, I believe Susan Rice when she said that Obama and Comey did everything by the book, The corrupt Marxist Play Book, that is.

BYH city and county leaders. The CDC recommends wearing masks and social distance. Doctors on these editorial pages have urged that. In the interest of public safety, safety of employees, and good modeling, why don’t city and county officials require law enforcement, fire and rescue workers to wear masks and social distance? This is not about whether or not to open; it’s about doing it safely.

BYH, lest we ever forget: Trump fired the Pandemic Response team years ago to "save money." How is that working for us?

Bless my heart, I am wondering how many of those who oppose Medicaid expansion because of the cost are returning their stimulus checks?

Bless their hearts, I know several people who take hydroxychloroquine regularly. I guess they'll be shocked to find out that their doctors were negligent since the left wing media is now reporting that it is dangerous and can kill them.

BYH to the idiot who thinks N.C. "politician" Democrats are "free-wheel spending." The Republicans are in the majority legislatively. So blame the right people.

The North Carolina General Assembly is so out of touch with the needs of North Carolina. It is time for a change. 

Bless your heart Vidant. Does Michael Waldrum get extra pay for screaming "the sky is falling?" Also a Bless Your Heart to the Board of Commissioners. The Public Health director should carry more weight than Vidant does. Looks like the board just has no idea what to do. We need to make some changes.

BYH to the gas station/fast food emporium that posted their maximum occupancy as 84. That means you have 16,000 square feet. Love your math. Thankful you use cash registers to add customer’s charges! Maybe eight is a more believable number!

After all this lockdown stuff my wife said she needed a vacation. Now she is sleeping in the guest bedroom and I am left loving the peace and quiet. Which goes to prove that the marital bed has an expiration date about as long as an avocado.

The recommendations for ECU sports suggest institutional support from $4 to $6 million. Nice to know there are some more double secret accounts upon which the athletic department can draw. I sorta figured that $13.2 million transfer from the Ivy Tower would have knocked a dent in the balance but must be wrong. How deep is the well? What will happen when we go crying to the General Assembly about more funding?

Bless your heart to ECU. Does anyone have responsibility for or oversee spending by the Athletic Department? Whoever you are, I will say good luck on finding a new job. Looks like everyone involved spends as if there is no tomorrow. Don't blame the problem on the coronavirus. Overspending has been an issue for several years. It's time to get a handle on the situation.

A Pandemic is when you shut in the sick, Tyranny is when you shut in the well.

Bless your heart ECU. All athletic programs were put on hold in March due to the COVID pandemic. I assume this meant that all spending was stopped (along with most revenue sources) Please explain how you stopped spending and the Athletic department lost an additional $4 million. (Which you are blaming on the pandemic.) Do you realize how dumb this sounds to anyone with a brain?

Bless your heart to the ECU athletic department saving millions of dollars. One has to think that if they are spending millions of dollars ... just how many dollars per athlete does that work out to be. Seems that multiple reporters are reporting on this. Could one make this comparison for us dummies?

BYH, Mr. Trump. Nancy Pelosi was incorrect. You aren't "morbidly obese". You are just run-of-the mill obese.

Protestors say, "Give me liberty or give me death!" Corona says, "Yeah, I can arrange that 2nd option. No problem" BYH

BYH. No one is asking you to permanently stop going to church. Out of love for your vulnerable fellow parishioners, can you not voluntarily alter your schedule just for a little while? There are plenty of opportunities to minister. Feed the hungry. Provide for the people that are out of work now. Take supplies to the elderly so they don't have to go out and risk infection. Can I get an AMEN?

Little League practices now. People wanting games ASAP. Are you (bleeping) kidding me? You want to crowd together in bleachers? And have little children elbow to elbow in dug outs? BYH, crazy people.

To those who think that a couple of hundred cases and two deaths doesn't justify closing down our county, I have a different perspective for you. If we hadn't had a stay-at-home order, our numbers of cases and deaths would have been higher. Don't take my word for it. Cases are rising and everyone is tripping all over themselves to rush out to businesses, church, the beach, etc. Second wave is coming.

So, Mr. President, you are taking hydroxychloroquine just because you want to. That'll show your critics who's boss. Stupid scientists wanting proof of efficacy. Bah! If you have an arrhythmia and die, well you didn't catch coronavirus so you were right. Winning!

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