BYH, when there is a solar energy spill, it’s just called a nice day.

Oh, yes we do want the editors comments. They are the highlights of the column some days. Please continue. BYH to those that don’t get it.

I don’t know why you want to take the Brook Valley cut through, there are so many of those stupid speed cushions it made for a dreadful drive. On the way back from Walmart, I took 10th Street and Greenville Boulevard. What a better ride. I drove as fast as I wanted and didn’t use my turn signal, not even once, bless my heart.

BYH, there is no room for God in the man who is filled with himself.

BYH Daily Reflector for printing the photo of an 1861-1865 confederate soldier in the newspaper’s section honoring U.S. veterans who took an oath to defend the United States. Confederate soldiers pledged allegiance to the CSA against the USA.

BYH to all the deputies supporting No-Shave November. Please do not plan on using any riot gas, your respirators will not work with facial hair that interferes with the seal. Be safe.

BYH Sen. Don Davis. You can be the hero for Brody and ECU, or you can be like Rep. Kandie Smith. The chamber has asked you to override. ECU has asked you to override. Vidant has asked you to override. The people of your district need you to override ... or you can do the bidding of the governor.

BYH to the person criticizing the people putting up Christmas decorations early. These decorations are hard to get up when you are older and it takes time! I am in the process of putting mine up and proud of it. If I don’t get them up early two of my grandchildren wont get to see them. So bah, humbug to you and happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas to all!

More speed bumps and red light cameras in Greenville? Yes, please! If law enforcement is not going to do their job to keep our roads safe, let’s design safety features into the roads themselves and slow the motor vehicles down and reduce the CARnage.

A no BYH to those who are mad at people. You never throw someone underneath the bus with the personal stuff they trusted you with. Its called karma!

BYH to the state of North Carolina and to ECU. We are so veteran friendly that Veterans Day isn’t a holiday and ECU moved its service to the spring!

BYH to these Christians constantly playing the victimization card. Nobody said you can’t say Merry Christmas. It’s hypocrisy and it’s all about Christian privilege with them. For instance, they insist on the 10 Commandments at the courthouse, but what would they say about the Buddhist eight-fold path to enlightenment, or the Muslim tenets? I didn’t think so.

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