WINTERVILLE — Pitt Community College will hold a number of special, “Fall Into Registration Day” events within the next few weeks to give students opportunities to meet with academic advisors and sign up for fall classes in-person.

Earlier this summer, Pitt administrators announced the college would be resuming normal operations in August. It will be the first time students and employees have returned to campus en masse since the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020.

PCC Director of Recruiting John Carrere said that with the resumption of traditional classroom instruction and support services, Pitt administrators wanted to give students a chance to meet face-to-face with academic advisors to plan their fall schedules.

“At Pitt Community College, we recognize that some students prefer the in-person, face-to-face learning experience,” Carrere said. “We also understand those students would appreciate the opportunity to meet an advisor in-person to discuss their classroom options.”

When it comes to instructional methods this fall, Dr. Thomas Gould, PCC Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Development Services, says the college plans “to be as flexible as possible.” In addition to traditional classroom instruction, he said PCC would utilize online, hybrid, blended and synchronous virtual classroom teaching formats to accommodate student learning styles and scheduling preferences.

“PCC is coming out of the pandemic an even stronger and more comprehensive educational institution than we were before,” Gould said. “We have implemented new instructional and services technologies that will enhance support and assistance to our students as they pursue their academic and professional goals.”

The first two “Fall Into Registration Day” events are set for July 26-27, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Craig F. Goess Student Center’s Davenport Multipurpose Room. Carrere says that while the programs are geared toward prospective students who haven’t yet registered, continuing PCC students are also welcome.

“These events are open to all students who wish to speak with an advisor one-on-one and receive personal support in deciding their course schedules,” he said, adding that students are asked to RSVP for a program by visiting to confirm the date and time they wish to attend.

Carrere says the PCC Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid Department will be open during the special registration sessions. Personnel from the Cashier’s Office will also be on hand, he said, to process payments and/or help students set-up payment plans.

Future “Fall Into Registration Day” events are scheduled for Aug. 9, 16 and 17, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Aug. 10-12, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All of the sessions will be held in the Davenport Multipurpose Room, and all students and staff who attend must follow the college’s pandemic safety protocols.

“We’re excited about students returning to campus and look forward to helping them prepare for a new academic year in-person,” Carrere said. “But for students who prefer to create fall schedules and submit them for approval virtually, that’s okay, too. Our virtual services expanded and improved greatly as we worked through the pandemic, so we’re prepared to meet students where they are and take them as far as they want to go educationally and professionally.”

Students can send their advising questions to The 2021 Fall Semester at PCC begins Aug. 19.

Open houses set at off-campus learning centers

PCC is hosting open house events at a pair of off-campus learning sites this month to share details with the public on the kinds of programming and services the school is taking directly to the communities it serves.

The first event is set for July 28 at the Bernstein Center in Greenville. The second will take place July 29 at the PCC Farmville Center. Both run from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will feature financial aid and admissions personnel providing information on enrollment, curricula and tuition assistance.

PCC President Lawrence Rouse says the college is dedicated to educational equity and has established several partnerships in the past few months that call for the college to offer courses and support services at off-campus sites. “We’re taking programming to the communities we serve in order to reduce or eliminate barriers that make it difficult for people to pursue college degrees and credentials,” he said.

Additional open house information is available by calling the Bernstein Center at 757-3980 and the PCC Farmville Center at 753-0010.

Contact or 252-329-9587.