A no BYH to the person complaining about the person writing about car noises. You know what the beef is? People like you who can’t take criticism or suggestions. You get over it! Some people do not like loud, vibrating noises! Especially in the middle of the night. Think about that and I hope karma is good to you!

Bless the noise defender. The sound from one vehicle may last 60 seconds in one location, but think about its entire route and how many trips it makes a day, then multiply by a thousand obnoxious, inconsiderate, conceited individuals.

Ok, I wasn’t going to get in on this but I’ve read just one too many ignorant posts from people wanting to restrict hospital care for the unvaccinated because they “refuse to follow the science.” Most people clogging the ER are people who don’t “follow the science” of eating healthy foods and exercising and need medical intervention for disease that could be avoided if they made better choices. Enough already.

BYH. Smoking, the flu, being overweight, have never clogged our hospitals. COVID is a very serious disease and the choice to not vaccinate is a serious decision that affects others. That’s right, others, not just yourself!

Cycle NC comes through Farmville twice and stays overnight in Greenville, spending lots of money. The police have a memorial bike ride and now EMS does, too. The greenway is immensely popular and joined the East Coast Greenway network. BYH Greenville for not becoming officially bike friendly. ECU already is listed, so why isn’t the city?

Bless my heart, I try to contain the crazy, but the lid keeps popping off.

Since thousands of us received vaccinations at the Greenville Convention Center, where will we, over 65, receive our boosters? Will the wonderful staff from Vidant be giving boosters at the civic center?

BYH to John Grillo and his staff from the Bagelman. Your employees have given breakfast to Vidant employees several mornings. It’s nice to be appreciated. Thank you so much.

Bless the city street maintenance division. You’ve been notified several times about the sinkhole at Bs Barbeque Road and Roundtree Woods. All you’ve done is placed an orange traffic cone and filled it with rocks. It’s getting worse, so your fix is not working.

Best way to improve college football is to take the money out rather than put more in. Back in the day it was fun to play the college down the road. Now fans want to be in the same league as Alabama and Georgia but without putting up the money to do so. Clint said that “A man has got to know his limitations.” Put the fun back in college football.

Send contributions using the submission form on reflector.com, by emailing blessyourheart@reflector.com or calling 329-9564.

Send contributions using the submission form on reflector.com, by emailing blessyourheart@reflector.com or calling 329-9564.