RALEIGH — Three companies have announced either expansions or plans to locate in North Carolina in the past week, creating nearly 250 new jobs and nearly $400 million in investment.

Carolina Structural Systems will open a manufacturing plant in Montgomery County that will employ 71 workers, Cooper announced Thursday.

Clearwater Paper Corp. announced Wednesday it will expand its operation in Cleveland County, creating 180 new jobs. On Monday, global technology group Oerlikon will invest $62 million to establish a manufacturing hub in Mecklenburg County that will create 93 jobs during the next five years.

Carolina Structural Systems, the maker of wooden building trusses, will invest $1.3 million at a location in Star in the next three years.

“These good-paying jobs will put more money in the pockets of North Carolina workers and their families,” Cooper said in a news release. “Montgomery County’s central location and strong manufacturing workforce will help Carolina Structural Systems serve custom homebuilders throughout North Carolina and beyond.”

The company’s Montgomery County operations will employ designers, builders and management. Annual wages will average $45,647. Montgomery County’s average yearly wage is $33,388.

“Carolina Structural Systems brings experience and quality to North Carolina’s building products industry,” N.C. Commerce Secretary Tony Copeland said. “Its arrival in Montgomery County creates a range of job opportunities in a community well-known for its forestry and woodworking.”

Founded in 2016, Carolina Structural Systems designs, manufactures and sells customized wood-based building materials to the residential and light-commercial construction markets. The company’s Montgomery County location provides access to suppliers as well as convenience to growing residential markets across the Carolinas.

“Workers make the difference in our business, and a big reason we chose North Carolina is the availability of a skilled and productive workforce,” Carolina Structural Systems President Ricky Dyson said. “Our team is excited to become an active partner in the Montgomery County community.”

Carolina Structural Systems’ expansion in North Carolina was made possible in part by a performance-based grant of up to $200,000 from the One North Carolina Fund, which provides financial assistance in support of local governments in creating jobs and attracting economic investment. Companies receive no money upfront and must meet job creation and capital investment targets to qualify for grant funds. All One NC grants require a local government match.

Washington-based Clearwater Paper Corp. plans to invest $330 million in the construction of a facility, machinery and equipment in the next three years as part of its expansion. The second facility will be located at the Washburn Switch Business Park, adjacent to Clearwater’s original Shelby facility.

Clearwater Paper employs 264 people at its Shelby plant, which was announced in 2010 and opened in 2012. The average wage for the 180 jobs created by the expansion will be $40,791, above the county average of $36,576.

Oerlikon’s Charlotte facility will be the company’s first additive manufacturing facility in the United States and will provide end-to-end advanced component manufacturing and house extensive research and development and production teams. The facility will showcase an integrated approach to the design and manufacture of advanced components to Oerlikon’s customers.

Oerlikon will hire engineers, research and development staff, and skilled craftsmen for its North Carolina facility. Annual salaries for the new jobs will average $93,011. Mecklenburg County’s wages average $62,741 per year.