One student housing complex is facing a state fire code violation, while complaints about sanitary conditions at another continue to mount, a Greenville officials said.

Greenville Code Enforcement met with managers at 33 East and Paramount 3800 on Tuesday to review steps to correct health and safety violations discovered after multiple reports of unsanitary conditions on Saturday and Sunday.

Supervisor Carlton Dawson said he also hopes to speak with the owners of Copper Beech Townhomes about their plans for resolving problems at its development off East 10th Street.

The enforcement office had 10 additional complaints filed Tuesday, the majority involving Copper Beech, Dawson said.

“(The owners) are ultimately responsible,” he said. “ I’m going to reach out to the property managers about what their game plan is. Are they terminating leases so these folks can go somewhere else or if they are hiring someone to get things turned around in the next two or three days. What is their game plan for these severely damaged apartment units?”

“From my observations, it’s going to take more than their normal maintenance units to get these apartments ready,” Dawson said.

Questions arose this week when tenants began reporting problems and posting photos and video to social media. Monday’s inspection at 33 East uncovered rusting steps in need of repair and a nonfunctioning fire alarm system. After Greenville’s fire marshal conducted his inspection on Monday, a notice of violation was delivered.

The letter stated fire alarm panel at the complex needed immediate repairs ordered the complex to man a 24-hour fire watch until the repairs were completed. A fire panel operates detection, alarm and extinguishing systems and other devices to combat fire.

The city’s chief building inspector joined the enforcement team at 33 East on Tuesday to discuss repairs to a stairwell that had a rusty frame and a landing in disrepair, Dawson said.

“They have gotten up with a steel contractor who has ordered materials and they are making preparations to fix those stairs,” he said. “They also put a sign up to not use the stairs unless it was an absolute emergency. We are pleased.”

Dawson also met with the manager at Paramount after hand-delivering a violation notice to outline repairs.

Among violations were a water-damaged ceiling and a broken bathroom sink that drained water draining onto the floor.

“She noted that they had gone out that afternoon (Monday) to work on that particular unit. She said they would have all the violations taken care of in the next few days,” Dawson said.

Copper Beech cleared piles of trash blocking dumpsters so the city’s sanitation division could empty them, Dawson said. The complex was disposing of discarded carpeting on Tuesday.

“They cleaned up the trash and debris that was in the parking lot. I’d say they completed 95 percent of that,” he said.

A lot of work remains.

“Those four-unit apartments, with shared kitchen areas … they have a lot of work ahead of them putting furniture together, taking out stuff. They have a lot ahead of them,” he said.

“We are going to stay out there and stay on it until we get this whole thing resolved,” Dawson said.

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