Washington Mayor Mac Hodges died Wednesday after contracting COVID-19 in July, according to a social media update posted by his daughter.

Beth Hodges Fickling has been posting regularly about her father since he was hospitalized for the virus in late July.

Hodges, 67, was a native of Washington, a graduate of Washington High School and East Carolina University. He was a real-estate agent and appraiser.

He was interviewed by The Daily Reflector in June about Washington and a major infrastructure project for an upcoming article in Greenville-Life in the East magazine. His devotion to the city was apparent.

“The waterlines have been in there since 1908,” he said. “This was mostly started as an infrastructure project — replacing stormwater, electric and water. When we build it back, we are making the sidewalks wider using brick pavers, and adding new lights and new benches to make it really pretty and historical.”

Hundreds commented on Fickling’s post within an hour of her announcement.

“Words cannot express how much he meant to us,” she said. “He lived the best kind of life, one filled with a family that adored him and so many friends near and far.”

The post urged friends to practice social distancing and to use face masks.

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