No evidence of police misconduct has been found in connection to a Saturday night disturbance on Fifth Street, a spokeswoman for Greenville Police Department said.

However, a mandatory review of the incident is ongoing.

Shortly after midnight on Saturday, officers were patrolling Fifth and McKinley Avenue when they observed a car stopped in the middle of the road near the intersection, police department spokeswoman Kristen Hunter said.

As they approached the vehicle, officers observed a 17-year-old standing over and engaged in a dispute with a woman who was in the back seat of a car. When officers detained him, the young man began striking their patrol car with his head, Hunter said.

Hunter said officers then were confronted by between 15 and 20 bystanders who were combative.

Several of the bystanders became violent toward the officers, yelling obscenities, pushing, punching and attempting to take an officer’s taser.

During the incident, the officer’s taser fell to the ground but he was able to retrieve it.

Backup officers arrived on scene, and one of them used his taser to take a woman into custody after she punched an officer in the back of the neck, Hunter said.

Four others individuals, including a 21-year-old man who was killed in an unrelated incident on Sunday morning, also were charged.

Reporting by some media outlets prompted a flurry of social media posts criticizing the department’s handling of the situation. No formal complaints have been filed, Hunter said.

The department plans to review the incident to determine whether officers responded appropriately.

“We will investigate this particular incident because there was response to resistance, or use of force, in this incident,” Hunter said.

Any time an officer has to use physical force in order to affect an arrest, he or she must complete a response to resistance report, Hunter said. All of those reports are reviewed by the the department’s internal affairs division and supervisors, who also review body and dash camera footage and other evidence associated with the incident.

“We are still reviewing that footage and we’ll make a determination from there,” Hunter said.

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