A big bless your heart to the superintendent, board, administration, faculty and all school employees for your untiring efforts to continue the education process for all Pitt County students. We are blessed by your commitment to providing the best learning arena possible due to the closure of our schools. Some counties have not even been in contact with their students and it is not the rural areas it is the metropolitan areas. Thank you so much.

BYH. Don’t judge people wearing masks out in public. They might have immune system problems or other high-risk health issues. Besides, they are protecting you from themselves if they should happen to be contagious and just don’t know it yet.

BYH to all the doctors practicing telemedicine and just calling in routine prescriptions without a visit. Thank you. It’s getting scary out there.

A no bless your heart to our governor. Since when is alcohol and liquor an essential? In fact, we can actually go just about anywhere we want? Not really helping the situation. Please issue an order that will help us!

BYH Trump needs to be held responsible for the unnecessary deaths of all the health care providers infected because of the lack of protective equipment due to his delays with recognizing the depth of the problem. The combination of Trump and coronavirus is deadly.

Give it up, Bernie. It’s over. Bless your stubborn heart.

Bless Dr. Fauci’s heart! After this is over, he deserves a wonderful vacation.

I read several years ago about a poll stating a large percentage of people wish they hadn’t had children. Judging by the constant complaining of parents about actually having to spend uninterrupted time with their offspring due to coronavirus, that survey underestimated the numbers. BYH and FYI: science has given us the amazing gift of reliable birth control.

After being locked down with my darling wife we have returned to our old hobbies. I am doing a little woodworking and she has taken back up her sewing. She has made a lovely voodoo doll. But my woodworking has me hurting all over, so I do not know if I can keep carrying on. It is like a stabbing pain.

At a time our country needs to come together, you disgust my heart with your Doonesbury comic! Is it funny? I say not. When a column disrespects the president of the United States, it is more than disgraceful. Only left field Democrats would stoop to such politics. I don’t remember Obama being politicized like this. Give me and others a break, stop this! If you do anything ... try to encourage others at a time like this. Doomsday to you!

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