Bless your heart and happy Earth Day. Let’s celebrate by turning off the water while we brush our teeth and save millions of gallons of water, cumulatively.

BYH to CD’s Grill. I stopped for breakfast on my way to chemo and one of my sunny-side-up eggs was double yolk! Then the waitress took our ticket and said another customer had paid for our breakfast. CD’s has great food, great service and great customers. Sure made my day!

BYH: “Your Honor, we the jury have found that black lives matter.”

The proposed county firearms ordinance definitely needs some revisions, but it is needed. I am a gun owner, but nowhere does the Second Amendment say that I can shoot my gun wherever I want to regardless of whether it would infringe on mine or anyone else’s rights. How about a little common sense everyone.

What an injustice in Minnesota. There was overkill from the jury. There was no fair hearing. There could not be a fair verdict in this case. A sad day for America and its justice system. Everything was racist and predetermined by all the public opinions and by the outspoken politicians, especially Biden.

Thank you Pitt County Commissioners for looking into other ways to improve recycling and lowering the price. It is nice to see you working to help with recycling in the county while trying to lower our cost.

BYH to all those who think a government-issued ID requirement to vote is racist. What about the same being required to get Medicare/Medicaid, open a bank account, pick up a drug prescription, board an airplane, obtain public assistance or pick up a child from school? Something is racist only if you want it to be.

Thank you and high praise to the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office. Blessed to have them watching out for us. I have called them twice. They were quick to respond and very professional in their approach. They do an amazing job considering the vast area they cover and the limited manpower they have. Keep up the great work!

BYH to the people who say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Perhaps if the people who killed people had fewer guns, they would kill fewer people.

BYH to President Eisenhower, who was quoted, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.” And he was also a general, so he knows about that of which he spoke.

BYH, the right question is usually more important than the right answer.

Bless their heart, what flat-earthers fear most is sphere itself.

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