BYH, it’s easy to spot a yellow car if you are always thinking about a yellow car. It’s easy to spot opportunity when you are always thinking of opportunity. It’s easy to be mad when you are always thinking of reasons to be mad. You become what you constantly think about. Watch yourself.

No BYH to the one comparing gun deaths with car-related deaths and who asked should we ban cars? Such false parity is juvenile and makes you sound ridiculous. You cannot go into a building and kill dozens across the room with a car. You people with your gun lust make it seem like a mental illness.

BYH Greenville street decisions. Someone explain why the speed limit on the new 10th Street Connector is 35 with a grassy median and few pedestrians and Stantonsburg Road is 45 with turn lanes, medical staff, patients and family members crossing on foot.

Bless Your Hearts to the Democrats spending trillions of dollars borrowed from China to stimulate the economy and help the unemployed. Every small business owner I know is having trouble finding people who want to work. Just look at all the help wanted signs around town. There should have been targeted spending to help the truly needy. We are all going to be paying for this spending the rest of our lives.

BYH, days in office: 75. Days of golf wasting millions of taxpayer dollars: 0.

I keep getting all these urgent requests for money from college booster clubs. Evidently, the COVID bug wrecked their bloated finances. Hard to get excited about COVID-era college sports. Half the games are canceled and the half that are played are without the “real stars.” I think we should cancel all college sports for a five-year period and spend that money, time and “expertise” on educating the students. I know this is a radical concept!

From what I’ve read and heard, I believe Dr. Rogers, recently elected ECU Chancellor, is eminently qualified to serve the university. However, the overriding consideration I have not heard addressed is: Has he written any books that were published by a publisher that failed to meet the “old perfessor’s” approval?

Who can fault Dan Gerlach, when all this town and the university cares about is some bar winning some ragtag blog’s “Best College Bar In America” award three years running? Bless all our hearts.

BYH Daily Reflector for stifling public discourse by continuing to have comments disabled on articles.

BYH Rep. Murphy. You just can’t resist putting your foot in your mouth and showing all of America who you really are.

BYH, you can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.

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