BYH to Dr. Rita Soulen, who wrote about the importance of school librarians. Everything she mentioned about their influence on children is absolutely true. But she omitted one vital role: They make their media centers welcoming and the learning fun. I know because before COVID struck, I volunteered in one. Happy School Library Month!

Church membership is down because Christian Doctrine has become so fluid it flows anywhere you wish. If the church does not agree with you then they will change. Gone are the days of the hell and brimstone preachers and welcome to the new era of Hugo Boss acolytes.

BYH, 75 days our president has not played golf. It’s likely you’ll never see him play golf during his presidency. God bless America, we need it!

Bless his heart. Joe Biden couldn’t finish 18 holes of putt-putt, let alone golf. Come on man.

No bless our hearts to 75 days of doing nothing to help the average Americans. Why work? You said you would pay for everything.

BYH to those who don’t understand why an ID is not needed to vote. One party would like to preserve the option of cheating in elections. I would rather not identify which party that might be.

I will hand over $100 cash to anyone who can introduce me to any person anywhere in this country who is legal to vote and doesn’t have a photo ID. I don’t believe such a person exists. Democrats have invented a victim. Prove me wrong.

Bless our hearts, we can sum up the USA’s current social angst in seven words: To the privileged, equality feels like oppression.

Curses, when the success of your party depends on as few people voting as possible, spare me your flag-waving, anthem standing BS!

BYH to the DR editors, who really catch it for disabling the comments section. I’m all for the exchange of views, but these days things get so vicious and ugly so quickly that the downside just isn’t worth it. It generates more heat than light.

BOH there seems to be a severe lack of workers in many businesses. How about offering jobs to teenagers? There are many young people who want to work.

BYH to Hubert Davis for being the first black head coach of the UNC Tar Heels basketball team as reported by the AP. Is just me or did they have to use the word black? As long as that word is used to describe someone we will never end racism.

BYH, everybody raise your hand if you’d rather live in a society where everyone has access to health care, housing and food than one where a handful of billionaires own more wealth than half the nation.

Bless my heart, my biggest fear of becoming a zombie is all the walking.

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