I have a concern and it is not about minor league baseball, the Brook Valley cut through or storm runoff. It is about me getting gas for $2.29 anywhere in Havelock and New Bern and you get back to Greenville and it is $2.45. Will we ever get a bless your heart?

From what I understand if you have a near death experience you will finally be able to figure out your cable and cell bill. But when the doctors bring you back, the knowledge will be erased. So we can hope that we will learn the mystery when we pass over to the great beyond for good. In the words of the old hymn, "What a day that will be."

We need an all night senior center here in Pitt County. Us old folk wake up about 3 a.m. and the only place to go is to Walmart or the convenience store. But if you hang around the convenience store at 3:00 a.m. people think you are either on drugs or selling drugs. And Walmart does not even have the scanners open so you have to deal with a sleepy employee.

I noticed Ayden, the good neighbor of Winterville, is having a concert at the same time Winterville is having its Watermelon Festival. Maybe Winterville will have one when Ayden has its annual Collard Festival!

BYH to the Winterville Watermelon Festival. Yes there is fun, food and events. What everyone forgets is how the people who live nearby these events suffer from them, especially the noise pollution from the live concerts.

No BYH for Winterville. They scheduled the Watermelon Festival to open on the same night as open house at A.G. Cox. Parking was impossible for parents.

Oh dear, a big BYH to the DR for the misspelling of “fumes” in reference to Coach Houston . OK we know it's not “fuems.” Give them some slack — we all make errors in typing!

Bless your heart Daily Reflector. Do you not have spellcheck? Spelling errors on the front page of paper are unacceptable.

BYH, if I was a Democratic candidate for president, I'd mention repeatedly that we give $3 billion per year to Israel, which has a strong economy, provides universal health care, and free college. Let the Republicans explain why we subsidize socialism.

I got the surprise of my life when people were complaining about a DR editorial. You mean the BYH column is not the editorial column? I'll have to start reading the editorial column, although I'm not much interested in any opinion other than my own. Well, actually my wife's opinion is more important than mine but that is a given in any marriage.

Bless your heart to the group that comes to fill potholes. I called one day and they were there two days later. They do their work so rapidly and they do a good job.

BYH, you are never too important to be kind to someone.

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