BYH, don’t get into the car with me if you’re just going to scream every time we almost wreck.

Suddenlink, no BYH for you. No channel can go for more than several minutes without stuttering. It’s getting worse and worse, to the point that many favorite programs are unwatchable. Or is COVID traveling through underground cables now?

This not a bless your heart to WNCT-TV that will not have their weather warnings run across the bottom of the screen with a white background with black letters where you can read it. If you can do closings that way, do the weather like that also. The red letters in the upper left hand corner are not big enough to read; also it is moving too fast to read.

What will it take for the Pitt County school board and Superintendent Lenker to understand the great risk they are taking opening up schools for face-to-face instruction in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic? Schools in Tennessee and Georgia are closing quickly after staff and children are contracting the virus! Don’t they watch the news?

I do not understand why people are so upset about Gov. Cooper’s decisions concerning this pandemic. I believe he is doing the best he can not knowing what may occur on a daily basis. No matter who is in office, decisions have to be made to benefit all people. Great job Gov. Roy Cooper!

Bless your heart to the building supply store on 10th Street. A regular customer for years but when I went in today only about half the customers had on masks. I know the store doesn’t want confrontations but they should refuse to sell to customers who are endangering other customers. Otherwise the city or state should close them down as a health hazard. I won’t be back until they start enforcing the mandate.

Bless your heart to the local business owner who continued to work in his business after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Bless your hearts to the university system for its rip-off of students and parents. You have thousand of students enrolled for fall classes and are housing them in dorms and apartments just to find that most, if not all, their classes will be online. Had they known this in advance, they could have stayed at home and saved thousands of dollars.

Bless my own heart. Waiting for coronavirus test results is not fun. A hurricane barreling down on us doesn’t help stress levels.

There’s a pandemic killing us by the thousands; there’s a hurricane blowing up the East Coast; racial tensions are high; people are running out of money and what is Trumps main focus? TikTok! Incompetent? Obviously.

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