Greenville and Pitt County roadways look like the trash dump of the Carolinas. Please can someone do something to change this travesty?

BYH to the desperate criminals that keep pulling on car doors. Not everyone is asleep when you do this. I hope you get what’s coming to you.

BYH to the Pitt County Department of Ditch Management. I contacted them and left a message. I live in the Foxchase section of town. There is a drainage ditch that runs between the Emerald Park section and Charleston Village section. This open-faced ditch has not been cleaned out in 12 years. It has caused major flooding in the backyard that is making our septic tank system inoperative and a health hazard.

Thanks to the president and others we are starting to see a decrease in COVID-19. It was a shame when the other dude and his gang were in charge. At least the professionals are being recognized positively. A big shout out to all. ARRRRG.

BYH, teachers have been back in school with the face-to-face option in Pitt County. Parents are knowingly sending their children to school even though they know they have been in contact with infected people. So, school personnel risk their well-being daily. It’s the parent’s option if they want them to return to face-to-face instruction!

Seriously, Nancy Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of you relentless fools. Stop wasting my time and money on your cruelty and destructive politics. Get out and give others a chance to return our country to civility and productivity. Stop driving our lives into the ground.

To be sure we can all agree that the federal minimum wage of $7.25 is pitifully low. It has been 11 years since it was raised, yet the cost of living has risen significantly. A sensible solution is to raise it to $10 an hour by the end of the year and ratchet it upward over the next five years. Doing nothing is not a solution.

Imagine living in a country where many believe all humans have a right to social media but not to health care. Welcome to America, 2021, bless our hearts.

I love the stock market: when it goes up, we get nothing, but when it goes down, we lose our jobs. Except during a pandemic, when it goes up and we still lose our jobs.

Bless our hearts: Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.

BYH. Anyone look at Joe Biden’s military draft history? Five student deferments then a teenage asthma deferment for Mr. Lifeguard and pushup champion. Yep, you’ve been had.

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