A great big Bless Your Heart to my wife on her 70th Birthday! I love you!

BYH, ECU. I can’t read a paper or watch the news without hearing a story about how fast the pirate ship is sinking. Credit rating downgrades, nefarious trustees, public drunken behavior by unqualified interim chancellor, etc., etc. Really? We need a new chancellor that will clean the house!

BYH to the ones walking around with the bluetooth gadgets sticking out of their ears and appearing to be talking to themselves. Is this a fashion statement or an indication that they are just a hostage to their phone? Oh well, if it looks like an idiot, talks like an idiot, then it must be.

I agree with the recent BYH in connection with Bradford Creek Golf Course. I don’t blame Billy Casper Co. That is how they maintain a public golf course. I blame the mayor when he was on the City Council. He wanted the course to make money or not lose money. Yet he can spend $300,000 plus on volleyball nets. At one time BCGC was an asset to the county.

BYH. The City of Greenville does its best to fix the crosswalks at certain areas in the city, but there is one area they close down for months near the corner of Fifth and Memorial last year and, guess what, poor work. It’s not safe to drive over without the bricks popping up. Needs repairing again before we get a flat tire or an accident.

BYH to our mayor and City Council who are Gen X and Millennials. You are so clueless about the history of Greenville and those of us who came to the city in the early 70s. You want to make Greenville a Chapel Hill, and NO we don’t want that. Please do your history research and stop the madness of our city. We deserve better.

“Capitalism” is a pejorative Marxist term. The proper term is “Free Enterprise,” where anyone can start any business they want, when and wherever they want, and provide employment for people who market their own labor any way they want. This allows people who have never created anything or taken any form of risk to earn a living, despite their own limitations. Try it.

Anyone notice how understaffed the chain pharmacies are these days?

Bless our hearts. It seems that grown men and women will interfere in elections in a myriad of ways to get the results they want. Campaign assistance and financing, limo rides, the list goes on and on. How about we hear what your stump speech is and then we all make educated decisions on our own without interference from a bunch of grown-ups with no scruples who seem to think being elected to a public office makes them hotshots.

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