Tulsi Gabbard is the only sane Democrat left in the field, which means she will probably finish last because the Democratic party is lost.

Bless the heart of the candidates running against G.K. Butterfield. I think they are trying to show who supports Trump the most as their only qualification for the job.

BYH Brad Pitt, who brazenly speaks on the Trump impeachment. Alienating half of Americans may not be the smartest move, since they go to movies too. He in fact, probably doesn’t remember where he parked the car.

Bless your hearts to the undereducated, overly praised actors at the Oscars like Brad Pitt for making their “brave” liberal comments to the audience members all who think alike. A really brave actor would make a conservative comment, but why don’t they all leave politics out of it and stick to their make-believe world?

Bless your hearts, Democrats. I saw this morning that one of you bleeding-heart, talking bobble-head network shows is blaming Trump for the fiasco in Iowa. Supposedly, his followers tied up all the phone lines for several days preventing the caucus reports from being filed. You need to grow up, get a life and take responsibility for your screwups.

BYH to my former supervisor who, after 30 years, said she was working on having a lunch for my last day. When the day came, she forgot to tell me she was too busy to do anything. I guess she didn’t have time to order pizza or anything. It’s a shame that after 30 years no one does anything. It really broke my heart that no one cared.

BYH, we do have River Park North on the north side of the river, but that is owned by the city and has no soccer or baseball fields. If you want to use that logic, Boyd Lee Park is less than five minutes down the road from Alice Keene park and it already has a gym. We need parks north of the river instead of a gym at Alice Keene Park. Do the right thing.

BYH to those who believe the rich pay no taxes, and that taxing them will be sufficient to pay for a socialist agenda. A little research goes along way. The IRS announced the following data from 2016: Tax rate for top 1 percent was 26.9 percent; for the bottom 50 percent the rate was 3.7 percent. While the top 1 percent earned 19.7 percent of income, they paid 37.3 percent of the taxes.

BYH, my fear of moving stairs is escalating.

If student loans are so bad, why is the government still backing them? Not quite sure where this is going. Some candidates want to forgive the debt. So if I take out a loan now, will it be forgiven? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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