With Valentine’s Day approaching I am thinking about what I would like to buy my sweetheart. Do you think the mayor would sign a cardboard cutout for our living room?

So I’m sitting in church, and the preacher is going on about the beatitudes, and they seem un-American, and that got me thinking about Trump and how he golfs instead of going to church but he’s in good with church people, and I’m a terrible person and I’m in church but I look bad in tight khakis and red hats so I’ll stay here and be meek and poor in heart instead of anointed. BMH.

BYH to everyone clutching their pearls over congressional Democrats and their level of “class.” Boy, wait till you find out some of the crap the president has said.

BYH, all those who choose to build multi-million dollar “cottages” on the dunes. You can dredge all the sand you want and push it around with bulldozers to your heart’s content, but it will not change the fact that barrier islands move! Always have, always will. So please stop wasting my tax dollars on a futile project. Check out Matthew 7:24-27.

BYH Bernie for being open and honest with your recent statement, “I think being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat.” Very revealing about his position and likely the majority of Democrats., IMHO.

Bless your hearts, Trump haters. President Trump is not your whipping boy or scapegoat. Show some respect. Watch Fox News and get some real news. Mainstream is not interested in telling the truth and are not telling the truth. They are carrying the deceitful water for the mean-spirited and hate-filled left.

BYH, UMass-Lowell. Their poll of Democrat voters showed 68 percent would rather have an asteroid smash into earth and wipe out every living thing, including them and their family, than see Trump re-elected. How’s that for derangement?

Bless your heart to RJ’s Famous Chicken and BBQ owners and employees. The food is delicious. Please stop putting chopped pork meat in your collards because some customers have health problems.

To the person complaining about two Democrats walking out and giggling during Trump’s state of the union speech, will you please address a Republican hollering out “You are a liar” while the first black president, the best president ever, was giving his state of the union address.

No bless your heart for these folks who write into the paper equating Donald Trump to God, himself. This is scary business. We are in real trouble when you sit and think that any man is working like Trump is at God’s request to save this nation. No bless your heart.

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