Bless Your Heart Daily Reflector headline writers. “DOJ mettles in Stone case”? Really? I guess if you’re going to publish fake news, you might as well throw in a misspelling so everyone knows.

I would like to thank two very gracious ladies that work at the Harris Teeter grocery store at Bell’s Fork. They went way beyond what they needed to do to make sure that my fuel points receipt got straight. I was missing points from what the total was supposed to be, and they helped me by calling the center and getting the right amount and even got me extra points. Thank you Tina and Felicia. Y’all went way beyond that you had to do. Bless your hearts.

Hello Greenville! What are we offended by today? BYH.

BYH to Ms. Godley at D.H. Conley. Happy Bus Driver Appreciation Week. We know that you guys don’t get the recognition and pat on the shoulder that you deserve, but we the parents of the students you pick up appreciate you so much. You are the first face our kids see in the morning and the last face they see at the end of the day and you are so special. Love you so very much.

BYH, Walt. I don’t think you would be proud of Disney today. It has priced most kids out of ever being able to enjoy your vision.

BYH to the driver who sped up as I walking across the parking lot by PetSmart and almost ran me over, even had the audacity to back up and threaten me. Jokes on them because I’m deaf and couldn’t hear any of their angry words. In case you didn’t know, pedestrians always have the right away. Glad I conceal carry because you never know when the crazies will come out these days. They’re everywhere.

BYH. Alice Keene park belongs to the county not the city. What about West Meadowbrook Park or Greenfield Terrace Park, both are both of the river. Stop complaining.

Bless my heart. I seem to be the only person who remembers that there were 17 Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential election. It was pretty chaotic throughout the primary season as the roster got narrowed down to the most inexperienced and unqualified candidate, who then went on to win the electoral college. Our presidential elections are a bit of a circus, so we can only hope for the best, which we don’t always get.

BYH to whoever was worried about Brad Pitt “alienating half of Americans.” If all it takes to alienate you is an acknowledgement that abusing power and position is bad, then we can do without you.

BMH, a title from Wednesday’s DR suggested “Higher taxes, fees may be in future for Winterville.” Ah, as the youngsters used to say, “Duh!” When is this not true? I thought that came along with the death thing.

BYH, it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

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