I see where Utah is considering decriminalizing polygamy. Why would any man want more than one wife? Why would any man want to be bitten by more than one rattlesnake? And having to buy three boxes of Valentine candy? Two for the wives and one for the loyal girlfriend?

BYH America! If Buttigieg becomes president of the USA, will he be the first American female president? The reason I ask is that he is married to a dude, so is he the woman or man? I don’t understand these relationships.

Watching the Democrats freak out about President Trump makes me think I’m watching the greatest show in our history. Keep America Great DJT!

Barr: “The constant tweets make it impossible for me to do my job.” Translation: “Dude, I’m trying to carry your corrupt water for you. Quit announcing it to the whole country.” Bless their little hearts.

BTH of all who contribute clever and funny comments to BYH. It’s great to get a laugh first thing in the morning. And, a special thanks to the contributor who suggested we watch Fox News to get the truth. Now, that one was hilarious.

Bless our hearts: “When life shuts a door, open it again. That’s how doors work.” Captain Obvious, 2015.

Bless my heart! I am just here with my popcorn for the collards comments. No pork in the collards you say?

BYH Suddenlink employees. The Suddenlink Sucks sign in my yard is not aimed at you. It’s aimed at your supervisors and owners. If Suddenlink treats you as they do customers then I feel your pain.

Bless her heart, happy Valentine’s Day to my lady! I love you!

Sorry, we saw this one a day late.

Richard Nixon was condemned for using IRS to audit his enemies. How is that different from President Trump using the Justice Department to go after enemies and help friends? Bless my heart for asking.

Bless the heart of the guy with a phobia about escalators. I like escalators, they can never break, they can only become stairs.

BYH to the Winterville police office. Instead of writing speeding tickets to people in subdivisions who are on their way to work, dropping kids off at school, etc., how about catching some of the people who come through the same subdivisions at night running 50 plus mph. Y’all are ticketing the wrong people, no one deserves a ticket of 30 in a 25. Be for real.

No BYH to Trump’s budget, which calls for $1.6 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, $845 billion in cuts to Medicare and a $26 billion decrease in spending for Social Security. Do any of you use any of those programs? I see there are no cuts in corporate welfare. This guy represents corporate America, not you.

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