No Bless Your Heart to whoever took the baby Jesus from the nativity at First Presbyterian Church.

The old saying about history repeating itself is correct. We are seeing our country headed to a bad place because too may people now see each other as part of a tribe. Until people see each other as Americans, I am worried that we are on a path of no return. If any our political leaders have a solution, now is the time to step up, before it is too late.

BYH, I love making lists, and then leaving those lists on the counter while I’m at the store trying to remember what is on that list.

Bless my heart. I’m patiently waiting by the phone for the call from Congressman Murphy about a town hall meeting. You need to hear from all of your constituents. Have sent several emails with a request for a response with no action.

BYH new Postmaster General. Having worked in postal management for 38 plus years, my neighbors complain to me almost daily. I assure them that the unacceptable service that we are getting is not the fault of your mail carrier or the local post office. Mail at processing centers is backed up for days and weeks because the new postmaster general (a Trump contributor) removed many processing machines. My suggestion is to write your congressman and vigorously complain.

I would expect better out of our health department. Counties all around us say, seniors call and sign up and we will call you when we can give you the vaccine. Today after 14 tries to call the Pitt County Health Department, I got a live person who said they don’t have a sign up. Listen to the local media for when we get some more vaccine and call then. PCHD you can do better

Finally three towns have had enough of SuddenLink’s service and are going to pursue action from the N.C. Attorney General. I had to simply give up and cancel my service. People in the county have complained for years and years — to no avail. I strongly urge Mayor Connelly to join this much needed endeavor on behalf of Greenville and Pitt County.

BYH. We’ve been trying to support local restaurants through frequently ordering take-out meals. Went to pick one up Saturday and had to walk in. The entrance was packed, the bar near the entrance was crowded, people were not social distancing as they waited for tables (which were not distanced), people walking in and on line without face masks. And we wonder why there is a spike!

BYH to the Dems rushing to disgrace Trump’s few last days. Wouldn’t it be great if they put as much energy into health care, hunger, speeding up the COVID vaccines, etc.?

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