To the folks who keep quoting Benjamin Franklin, your civil rights don’t include spreading a deadly disease. Freedom always comes with responsibility.

I was one of the 200-plus over-80s to receive the COVID injection. This was at our Department of Health. The process was run like clockwork. It took 45 minutes to get my shot. In all, sheriffs, health care workers and the National Guard did a great job handling the traffic. Thanks to all of them.

Bless your heart to the workers of Pitt County Health. They provided an efficient way to administer 230 doses of COVID vaccine to the elderly, all in one day. Perhaps they could send their plan to other cities and states who seem to lack such wisdom and discernment.

BYCH for going to the stylist when you have COVID and didn’t say anything until you were finished! You must be a conceited narcissist! Did you have a hair out of place? Other people depend on her too.

BYH to my mama who reads BYH daily and shares her favorites with me. Love you, Mama.

No BYH to the trash that stormed the capital building, a tragedy no doubt, but maybe now the politicians can now feel first hand how the business owners, mayors and townspeople felt during protests when their businesses and cities were vandalized and set on fire. Why now so much concern from the politicians? Politicians are not better than anyone else.

Bless your heart BOE. You have thrown parents under the bus. No pun intended! Is the school system going to repay me for my vacation time I had to take because of your 12-hour notice to cancel school? The smart decision would have been to go on Tuesday and go virtual on Wednesday. This allows parents time to plan for child care.

BYH to the Pitt County Health Department for a flawless vaccination process. Terrific organization and cooperation between sheriff’s deputies, National Guard, nurses and doctors. Very smooth and professional. Government can do great things!

BYH, the early bird gets the worm, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.

To the high school basketball players who have been captured in local print and TV media with your face masks covering your chins, but not your noses and mouths — BYH!

BYH Pitt County. The county managed to vaccinate 230 people in one day, or a projected rate of 1,150 per week. If the population of Pitt County is 100,000 (not including ECU), then the county will need 2 years to deliver vaccines to the entire population. I cannot believe that I need to stay at home for two more years.

When is Gov. Cooper going to add daily/weekly vaccination numbers to his COVID scoreboard?

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