Happy 150th birthday Farmville! The firework display you put on was massive. Every dog in the neighborhood went nuts as did several car alarms. Great job. Too sad that there are too many Karens in town complaining about noisy sirens and events like this. The power shown made me proud to be an American who lives in Farmville.

Bless our heart. At this point, if there is an apocalypse the people will just go “whatever.”

BYH Worth Forbes and Benjie Forrest for being criticized for putting children first in Pitt County Schools! Also thank you for listening to the parents!

BYH, say what you will about the South but nobody retires and moves up north.

Bless our hearts, can this be the year we all say no to the Kardashians and Jenners? Both of those families and their influences are just as detrimental to young girls and females in general as an oil spill is to the ocean.

Since when did Friends of Greenville Greenways decide to get involved with taking political positions on things which have nothing to do with the greenway?

What is one thing Joe Biden has done to improve this country?

BYH, Greenville drivers! Where in the NCDMV driver handbook does it say to just stop in the middle of your lane just because you failed to plan ahead and need to cross two lanes of traffic to get to the inside turn lane? Stop impeding traffic and turn around when you can — safely, of course.

BYH to the people who say they are opposed to the computer company because it’s too close to a school and should be in the industrial area. Then, when they want to locate in the industrial area, they complain the real problem is the power it will use and then have the gall to say the company is moving the goalposts.

Greenville City Council meetings going virtual at the last minute because of concerns about COVID spreading? Smart move to close the barn doors long after the horse has run off. How about wearing masks and canceling other public gatherings sponsored by the town that are spreading COVID? More consistency, less crypto conspiracy.

So you told me that the lord led you out of your marriage. That’s pretty cool. And he lead you to that blonde who is 19 years younger than you. Mighty fancy miracles indeed. Hopefully now that the lord has settled your marriage woes he will have time to heal the sick and feed the poor.

Uh, no. We the people of Greenville do not need to build an LGBTQ center with tax dollars! You can use your own private money and you can build anything you want, bless your hearts.

Personally, because of my own firearms, I do feel safer, and so are the people around me.

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