This plus 75er also gives kudos to the Vidant COVID vaccine rollout. It was a well-oiled machine, and all the staff were so helpful and so nice.

Bless your heart to the Vidant medical staff who gave us our COVID vaccine Wednesday afternoon. They were so well organized and kinder than anyone could expect. What a pleasant experience! God bless you, Vidant employees. You are truly appreciated!

Do not drive on my yard while driving through Brook Valley! I have resorted to putting sharp stakes (with permission from the city) next to the street, so if you drive on my yard you will get a flat tire and I will laugh! I do not care who you are.

BYH, of course one needs an ID to get a COVID vaccine shot but no ID to vote. Go figure!

BYH Daily Reflector, people getting COVID right and left. People are dying from COVID. Call out the powers to be to get the vaccine delivered to Pitt County. Time to set aside politics.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the people who executed the COVID-19 senior vaccinations so flawlessly on Monday. It was so well planned I see no reason for any change whatsoever. And all of the people were very pleasant and helpful. To cap it off, the needle didn’t even hurt. My kudos!

Wrong diagnosis Dr. Murphy! This is not salt in a wound, this is a cancer that needs to be removed!

BYH to our democracy. The House rushed to judgment on Trump without evidence. It was a shameful day. The House sought to seek revenge not justice. Where is our country going? Remember, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” The Democrats surely can not cast the stones at anyone.

Bless our hearts. If Trump was truly repentant and honestly wanted to support a peaceful transfer of power wouldn’t he go to Joe Biden’s inauguration like every other president before him?

BYH’s The only reason the House wants to impeach President Trump is they know that he and his followers will be hard to beat in 2024.

Are there reasons why several members of the General Assembly did not wear masks Wednesday on the televised session? I also saw lots of hand shaking and little regard for social distancing. What example do these people set for others?

BYH and thank you to sports writer Jim Green and The Daily Reflector for the article about the South Central Lady Falcons state playoff game against Heritage on Tuesday night. This season for these young ladies has not been easy — COVID quarantines and injuries, even quarantines during the state playoffs! So thank you again for the positive attention your article gave them as a team!

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