BYH to the poster who thinks the Town of Winterville should be ashamed that the town manager was seen working at Walmart. Maybe she wants extra money for a reason. What’s wrong with her working a second job for it? Should she ask the town for a raise instead?

Bless Dr. Greg Murphy’s heart. Have written him several emails concerning questioning some of his actions. Tried to send one today. His website says Farmville is not is his district. Guess he doesn’t like constructive criticism.

BYH and RIP to Charlie Daniels, and I’m so sorry (or am I?): The devil called down to Georgia, he was looking for some votes to reveal, he was in a bind because he was way behind, and he was willing to make a steal.

The staff at the White House have been exceptionally polite in the last few months. They are walking around the halls saying, pardon me, pardon me, pardon me.

BYH to the person criticizing the president’s pardons. As of Dec. 1 President Trump has issued a total of 44 pardons/clemencies (lowest since President McKinley). In his eight years President Obama issued 1,726. This is from Pew Research. You do know there is this thing called Google. So tired of people lying blatantly about Trump. Lord knows he does enough dumb stuff without lying.

Why can the U.S. send millions of dollars to any country in need but cannot give American people who are really hurting and in need $2,000 — the same people who pay taxes cannot get anything but a measly $600. No bless your heart or vote for those who stop the $2,000. Maybe they should be paid $600 a month and see how far it goes.

Bless my heart, I’m wondering if I’m truly far left or if I’m just an empathetic person living in a predatory capitalistic hellscape where I get called a commie for saying, “Hey, maybe poor people don’t need to starve.”

Bless his heart, I hope President Biden orders the re-assembling of all those postal sorting machines Trump had disassembled. Good riddance to the worst president in history.

Now that President Biden is going to cancel my student loan debt I can get on with buying a new car. I quit paying my rent a while ago when I realized the governor would forgive my rent. It feels like I have won the lottery. Will lottery tickets be the next free thing? Feels like the Millionaire TV program when John Beresford Tipton Jr. handed you $1 million in cash.

BYH to the folks in Pitt County. COVID cases are dangerously high, Pitt County Schools just started back in person, and ECU is to start in person as well. Time for a lockdown. Stay safe everybody. Be smart and practice the 3 Ws.

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