Over 2,000 private jets carry “top business and political leaders” from around the world to Davos to “focus on climate issues.” How’s that for a carbon footprint?

If it wasn’t for personal injury attorneys, television stations would go out of business. Please give us a break. No bless your heart.

BMH. I’m so lucky to live in a country where I can be a proud 2nd Amendment zealot who in fact does own multiple “assault” rifles, and you can continue to be an utter moron without any repercussions. God bless America!

BYH to the man in the white truck at Vidant who helped me get to my appointment. I was completely lost. You invited me to follow you through multiple parking lots to get to the right clinic. I would still be lost without your help!

BYH Greenville and Pitt County citizens. Price of gas on Wednesday was $2.38. Price of gas in Washington was $2.16. Supply and demand is not an excuse. All of Greenville gas stations have an agreement to charge a set amount because they know people are not going to another county.

BYH. Christ also said “Thou shall not kill” but all the Democrats running for the presidency support abortion. Which God do they serve. Your move.

BYH. Won’t you please donate to the newest charity, “Rednecks Without Mufflers?” I’m sure they want a muffler on their pickup but they probably can’t afford one or they don’t know how to go about getting one. So won’t you please give to this worthy organization. Silence is a terrible thing to waste.

I recently found a setting on my iPhone that lets it ring only when it is someone from your contacts list. The telemarketer calls do not ring. It is wonderful and I feel like a new man who has been released from the demons. I’m still dealing with being married but no telemarketer calls helps me to regain that elusive marital bliss. Or something.

The coming of socialism will mean everything is free: Housing, food, health care, transportation and access to government services. You will need no money and pay no tax. Banning the ownership of private property will make us all equal. That is why I am voting for the candidate offering free stuff even if I know they cannot deliver. It’s like marriage.

BYH, I am old enough to remember when Republicans could denounce the Nazis without alienating their base.

Opioid addiction can be solved by switching the users over to marijuana. Then legalize marijuana and the problem is solved. Each person should enjoy the same “right to choose” that mothers have. Legalize all drugs and be free.

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