BYH, I’m not sure if it’s inconsiderate, careless, dangerous or just plain stupid — probably all of the above — but what kind of person tries to take a left (no light) onto Fire Tower at 5 p.m.? Four cars behind them and they just set there until it’s all clear. Fortunately, I had plenty of gas and lots of patience ... makes me wonder if the city would be better served if we had more cops and fewer beach volleyball courts. Unfortunately, it’s not illegal to be stupid.

Bless your heart, Dr. King, what must you think of us now? Fathers not responsible for their children and nobody holding them accountable, not even the clergy. How I wish you were here to speak the truth.

A high-five to the pickup/SUV drivers who operate their vehicles with the “as manufactured” mufflers in place. And a BYH to those adult adolescents who seem to think louder makes you manly. Appears to me your noise makers (they are illegal) are compensation for the lack of something in your anatomy. Audiologists are waiting.

A big BYH to all these 2nd Amendment rights zealots who claim it is their right to own multiple assault rifles and pistols with large capacity magazines. We do have a militia (several branches), and if you check the statistics the only countries with higher gun deaths than the U.S. are in Central and South America (drug cartels). The United States can do better and should.

I call on ECU to offer the chancellorship to Prince Harry and Meghan! We already have a palace out there by the Country Club. We would probably be invited to join the SEC as well.

I say Trump should be impeached because it was Hillary’s turn. People who break in line at the checkout counter really irk me! Trump must be punished for taking Hillary’s turn. Breaking in line is a sign that society is breaking down. Next people will stop using turn signals.

Sooner or later those addicted to opioids will have to shoulder some of the blame themselves. Let’s not put all the blame on the manufacturer. Free will still reigns as witnessed by the “right to choose.” I don’t blame my fatness on warm doughnuts or barbecue although they are soldiers in the devil’s army.

BYH to Albert Einstein who said ‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything’.

BYH, Christ said you cannot serve God and mammon (wealth). Which one does Trump serve? Your move.

I am starting to see county commissioner signs going up around town and all I want to say is vote them all out! These tax-hungry politicians raised taxes and forced us into multiple lawsuits because of their ignorance.

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