This BYH is for those iPhone addict teenagers who rather play on their phone than eat. You need to quit now because if you start driving, you won’t be able to play or take selfies all day with your phone. Plus it’s rude!

Why is it that President Obama is heralded as a hero for taking out Osama Bin Laden but Trump is the devil for taking out a man that is responsible for killing over 600 U.S. citizens?

BYH. ISIS destroyed cultural sites and now Trump wants to, too.

BMH: I wonder how many MAGA hat folks would be willing to enlist in the military and fight in Trumpy’s made-up war? Asking for a friend.

BTH of all the Hollywood activists. You and Nancy can have my gun as soon as you confiscate every gun used on any movie or primetime TV show where there are more people shot on any good evening than on any bad weekend in Chicago. You are brainwashing our youth!

BYH to executive action. If I were Nancy, I would probably keep an eye (and ear) out for incoming drones.

The Iraqi population loves their Iranian overlords the same way inner city residents love the criminal drug gangs that terrorize them.

Bless your heart to the one complaining about Camping World, if that is all you have to complain about then get a life. This company is bring a lot of money to this town.

BYH to the man in the red truck who directs traffic for E.B. Aycock. You do a great job and are so kind to the students, fist-bumping or high-fiving each one every morning! You are a true delight, sir. Traffic also gets backed up when you’re not there, so it’s easy to realize you’re great at what you do. Thank you.

Bless your heart, Westhaven neighborhood residents. It is heartwarming to see so many American flags displayed!

Bless your hearts, City Council, please stop the growth on Davenport Farm and Frog Level roads. A visit to the area in the morning or afternoon will easily convince you that we have all the traffic we can handle. We need responsible growth that is planned out with roadways and improvements to handle the increased traffic. Is that too much to ask?

“Tough road LAYS ahead” was a headline on the front page! Will we be getting chickens or what? Please check simple grammar rules. I am appalled and could read no farther!

We hang our heads in shame.

Someone recently posted a BYH about Suddenlink, the local cable company. We’ve been led to believe they have some kind of long-term contract locked in with the city. This needs to be addressed as there are some serious issues to address in regard to their customer service, and it’s a nationwide problem!

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