BYH to Greenville’s lack of choice for broadband. The City of Wilson public utility offers excellent residential and commercial internet at a fraction of the cost of the private monopolies.

I was amused by a recent BYH which suggested that there may be a protest of the Confederate Roses display. Who knows? And will the UNC Tar Heels have to change their name? I heard that “Tar Heels” was a nickname for North Carolina Confederate troops back in the Civil War.

It’s really pretty simple. Terrorist Gen. Soleimani needed killing, so Trump had him killed. End of story.

BYH to the folks all bent out of shape because of Trump’s threat to hit “cultural sites.” If the media did its job and people sought the facts they would realize that Iran has designated its nuclear sites as “cultural sites.” It’s time we check the facts before coming unglued.

BYH if you’re cheering on the situation with Iran, you really aren’t going to like what comes next. Weird that Saudi Arabia and North Korea are allowed to murder American citizens without consequence (or even harsh language) though, isn’t it?

BYH, Attorney General Josh Stein. There is no reason to wait until March to appeal Judge Britt’s decision on the voter ID law. Do your job and appeal it now.

No BYH to those trying to blame Greenville and the mayor for the county’s Tier 1 rating. Greenville is flourishing and the only thing keeping Pitt County alive. The rest of the county is the problem. We need a complete overhaul of the Pitt County commissioners.

Bless your heart to the reader who believes the state budget should include money for Brody and increased Medicaid. It appears to me that the less people pay in taxes the more they want for free. The more freebies you get makes it difficult for freeloaders to distinguish between wants and needs.

BYH to Greenville citizens! Wake up to what your City Council is doing! They have just voted, against the Horizons Land Use Plan and staff recommendation, to rezone a large parcel of land on West 10th Street for higher density development in a place considered fragile wetlands. Which of your buddies owns this parcel of land? Thank you Councilman Rick Smiley for opposing this and running the city on principle, not who your buddies are.

BYH plenty of blame to go around I’m sure, but, really, our leaders need to get their act together to address our new Tier 1 designation showing that the Department of Commerce now considers us in the lowest — that’s lowest — category of economic health among all North Carolina counties.

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