BMH, yesterday I bought a donut without the sprinkles. Diets are hard.

BYH to the BYHer who said “Belks” earlier this week. It is not Belks. It is not Belk’s. It is Belk. B-E-L-K.

Indeed. We like to shop at the Walmark, though.

Bless your heart I always thought someone like you would be standing behind me in the grocery line, and yes I had a lot of jewelry, but I was a caregiver for my brother who was mentally and physically disabled, so before you go judging people using a food stamp card, maybe you should do a good deed.

To the BYHer that opined that we should follow Jesus’ lead and provide universal health care. Jesus didn’t need it — he was the healer. Also, he sold everything and was homeless in order to help the poor. Your move.

BYH, why do conservatives believe that outlawing guns won’t prevent gun violence but outlawing abortions will prevent abortion?

BYH, if Trump wants to destroy Iran, he should just become their president.

BYH If you keep building new student housing, then what happens to the older ones like 33 East and the Paramount now that the demand is not there? Read the headlines!

Bless your heart to the writer who believes that Medicaid offers a low-quality coverage. I know several folks on Medicaid and find that the coverage is far superior to my expensive private policy. Did you get your facts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Bless your heart to ECU for the chancellor search process. Your have turned the process into a circus. After watching the show, most qualified candidates would get a good laugh and step aside. The search process team should remember that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

BYH to the small businesses in the uptown/downtown area. Until the parking, lack of parking, fear of being towed because of parking is addressed, I or my family cannot take that chance to shop, eat and just browse anymore. Fight for your right for free parking to sustain your businesses.

BYH, to those on the ECU Chancellor Search Committee. Only one person shows up because you have proven in the past that what we say and want for a chancellor falls on deaf ears. The next chancellor will be but a UNC Board of Governors pawn, put in place to keep ECU in its place. So sad.

BYH, we know that Christ would not separate families. He would not bomb other nations, mock the disabled, lie time and time again, nor would he brag about his ability to sexually assault because he was famous. Christ was the anti-Trump.

What I learned today: There is too much “if, then” in our thinking and not enough “what if?”

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