BMH, I still make military corners on my bed and I still don’t wear a hat or cap inside and continue to do a lot of other things taught in the military that are just common courtesy. That makes my case for a stint in the military for everyone here as they do in Israel. Maybe that would make up for a lot of poor parenting evident in today’s society.

I suggest the people responsible for installing the plastic speed humps all over town be required to spend 24 hours driving back and forth over them. What a terrible thing to do to our wonderful town. There are decent speed bumps available that slow traffic without making one come to a stop to navigate them. I’ve seen cars lined up six deep waiting their time to go over the humps.

Bless your heart to all the senators in the Senate Tuesday who stood up for truth and justice against the senators who voted every bit of truth and justice down. Bless the senators who stood up for the American way of life, who stood up for what a trial should truly be like.

Bless your heart to the Grifton Free Will Baptist Church for such an outstanding Christmas play on Dec. 15. The children did a wonderful job, also the adults who worked with these children. Thank you much for a grand performance.

Clinton had the guts to say something to his own impeachment and testify; Trump won’t even let the witnesses testify. Trump is a fraud and a fake and he’s leading us down the path to disaster.

Bless your heart to the City of Greenville. How in the world can you spend $354,000 on volleyball pits and not ask a couple of housewives and moms to sit in on the budget. We could figure that out so much better ... it’s sand after all, bless your heart.

What does your paper have against the game of golf!?

You may have been shopping for your brother who is disabled and mentally ill but I will tell you one thing, food stamps are not for cigarettes and beer. They’re for food.

BYH to Democrats. Why in the world would they put so much energy into attempting to destroy the country? There is only one logical explanation. It must be a combination of mass hysteria and mental illness. Truth

I don’t know about most of us, but I am sick of this impeachment circus. I love America, I love freedom, but folks if we impeach our president that we have now and some of those candidates opposing him get in office, hold on to your hat, that may be all. I for one, am for American freedom, bless your heart Donald, we are behind you.

Why is it that Republican women are so much better looking than Democratic women. Just saying.

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