The congregants of the Pitt County Council on Aging were very grateful for the Christmas dinner given to us during the holiday season by Cheyann Baines. Thanks to her and God bless her!

BYH to the Greenville Police Department. There are many great officers sincerely trying to protect and serve, often under difficult circumstances. It is a shame when they have to contend with a hostile crowd of mouthy, misbehaving miscreants.

Bless the heart of the people who support Bernie Sanders. The man is way out to the left and that is the new direction of the Democratic party. Folks, it is time for the moderate Democrats to jump ship and get out while they can.

I support expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina, and the reason is very simple: Jesus Christ told us to take care of the sick.

Muslim, Christian, Hindu and even Buddhist terrorists. What the heck? Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists I know are good people. But, apparently, for a few, religion is dangerous.

A positive BYH to people who learn about airplane etiquette before flying. Thank you especially to those who put off applying perfume or aftershave until after disembarking. Perfume allergies are pretty common and can be quite debilitating, especially on long flights.

Bless my second ex-wife’s heart. She and I always set aside Friday as date night. She always had more luck than I did.

BYH but I could not help but notice all of the vacant spaces along Fifth Street downtown. If the Pitt County Industrial Development Commission would get their act together and join the city, we could fill these vacant buildings along Fifth Street. The city cannot be successful in economic development alone. They need the county.

BYH to all of those who are shocked that Pitt County moved to the Tier 1 most economically distressed counties. For those who do not understand why this was done, it all comes down to job creation. Our development commission has not landed a new business in over 15 years. Adding employees to a current company helps, but nothing like landing 100 new jobs. Do the math.

BYH, what part of Medicare for all is too hard to understand? Everyone is covered, no ifs, ands or buts. It’s no a freebie. No Uber rides to the ER over ambulances. No $20K helicopter rides. No surprise bills. No more medical bankruptcy. How is this difficult to understand?

I’ve played Bradford Creek golf course for over 20 years and it has never been in its current condition. Most sand traps are mud holes. Greens are in poor condition. Thanks, mayor, for changing the course management.

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