During this quarantine, I’ve been listening to some ’70s music and I have some questions. Was Brandy really such a fine girl if her eyes couldn’t steal her sailor from the sea? Bless her heart. Did anyone besides Billy Joel ever escape the piano bar and chase their dreams? Bless their hearts. Does the Pina Colada Song couple make it? Just saying. Both of them were intending to cheat. Bless their hearts.

Why don’t I want to wear a mask? I just don’t believe it’s as bad as the media is playing it up. Why? The news media has no credibility and the government keeps giving contradicting information. The rules we are given don’t make sense and defy logic. It would be nice if we could get straight answers without the “media twist”.

BYH to the writer who is missing General Hospital because of Gov. Cooper’s COVID updates. I feel your pain. But not too badly since I watch Young and the Restless. The updates don’t usually get underway until 2 p.m.

BYH to the person who thinks Ruffin McNeil is associate head coach at N.C. State. His position is Special Assistant to Head Coach Doeren, with no coaching responsibilities. It is an administrative position.

BYH, here is your poem of the day: My neighbors do laundry four days a week, their clothesline is nice and sturdy. I can’t figure out if they are that clean, or are they really that dirty?

BYH Greenville! Before we add a river park why don’t you consider a baseball/softball athletic complex. Every town around us has invested in one except Greenville! Time to step up. We are falling behind.

It has often been said that one either pays for the education of a child or the ignorance of an adult. Such is the case of extreme right wing race baiters who feel it’s OK for the police and/or racists to kill innocent blacks because of, “blacks killing their own.” How sad it is that such people with evil hearts and demented minds are allowed to spew their prejudice and hatred in the guise of free speech.

I just read where Bernie Sanders said that Joe Biden will be the “Most Progressive President” since FDR. Does this mean we will be subjected to full blown Socialism like Venezuela? I hate to think about waiting in a really long bread line with all this COVID going around.

BYH to the bathroom repair business that advertises a $1,500 discount or 0 percent interest on projects before they know what the project is. Looks like they are planning to stick it to you.

Bless our hearts, no child has ever brought an illness home from day care or school. Do I hear an amen?

BYH, cops aren’t supposed to kill guilty people, either.

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