BYH to the UNC System for charging college students full rate tuitions while making so many of us attend online and less-costly classes. Way to rake in the cash — show me da money!

BYH! Just not smart decisions by the City of Greenville! Guy Smith can “socially distance” about 300 people. Yet after this whiner sends a complaint to Greenville city people, we lose total use of the stadium! Now we are closer together along the outside fence than we ever were inside. If that person was so concerned, they should have gone to the fence line or stayed home!

Bless her heart. I have conversations with no one other than my dog Ginger these days. Even then I express no opinions, lest some politically correct policeman should be listening and cancel me.

Speaking of reparations, I am certainly no expert. I can certainly understand that someone who was kidnapped and forced into slavery would want compensation. However, it is my understanding that President Lyndon B. Johnson started this in 1964. The program known as the Great Society has paid out trillions of dollars over the past 56 years.

BYH, I am waiting for this announcement from the president: “I will consider having my youngest child, Barron attend the nearest public school to the White House starting now. I am trying out a new concept for me, practice what I speak.”

BYH Air-U, while you were daily targeted with fines and threat of arrest to close, a few gyms under the do-not-open guidelines have continuously remained open — while all others stay closed — with no known threats of fines or arrests. What allows them to operate, city/government people go there?

BYH I won’t be watching any Redskins games since they caved in to the mob, I have a new name for them however. The Washington cowards.

Want to end the voter suppression debate? Make Election Day a national holiday.

The Senate needs to vote again for impeachment. The COVID-19 virus is continuing to grow at such rapid rates this country cannot afford to tolerate the Republican governors. Watch the damage of this virus as the Republican governors, with the utterly incapable president, lead those states with the worst virus statistics.

Bless your heart, Vidant, for that awfully divisive, Marxist email sent to employees. Dividing people by race and trying to take away their individualism is a bad idea. Maybe Greenville needs a competing hospital that doesn’t discriminate against white people.

BYH — I can spot a smile, even behind a mask. It’s all in the eyes. Bless all those who keep on smiling through this COVID crisis.

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