A no BYH to those drivers playing loud, vibrating music that disturbs other people’s peace! It’s ridiculous and it infringes on my rights to peace and quiet, especially while I am sleeping. I am offended by the loud vibrating ugly noises and I am going to protest about this too!

BYH to those who warned us that the left wing vegans were coming from New York to riot and take away our guns. What happened? Did the electric buses break down? Are they coming on bicycles? Are they walking? Let us know when it’s safe to come out from under our beds. Asking for a friend.

A public golf course in Greenville was never going to make it. Golf is a rich man’s game and even richer game for women. The elite golfers all belong to private courses and shy away from public courses. The city should never try to interest poor folk in a rich man’s game. Sooner or later golf only brings heartache to poor folk. Let us acknowledge the facts and remove this temptation.

BYH to the black community. I can see that the slogan “Black Lives Matter” is taken only as a political slogan and not taken literally by some of you. If it had real meaning, I would not see a story every other day about a black person murdered by a black.

The City of Greenville should gift the Bradford Creek Golf Course to the East Carolina Athletics Department. The city is short of money and does not need to support a losing golf course. But the ECU Athletics Department knows how to operate at a deficit. “Cue up the ‘Auxiliary Account’ fellas ‘cause we are buying ourselves a golf course!” Statistics show that colleges who own a golf course have better football teams! Arrrgh.

BYH and thank goodness that all people of color in America do not think the way that mainstream media would have you believe that they do!

BYH to the person assuming that blacks don’t care about “black on black crime.” Even if all “black on black crime” was erased, institutional racism still exists. Until people like you stop using “black on black crime” as an excuse for not supporting Black Lives Matter, nothing will change. By stating this phrase, you’re trying to divert attention from the real issues. Until policy changes are made, all lives will not truly matter.

BYH, when your mind is narrow, small things agitate you very easily. Make your mind an ocean.

How can any supposed business steal more than $6 million before anyone realizes it, by billing Medicare falsely? How can this go on that long at Humana before someone knew this? This was a blatant error that cost the taxpayers and it should not be tolerated anywhere in this country.

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