BYH, Town of Winterville. We haven’t seen the street sweeper in our neighborhood in more than a year. Monday morning I saw a City of Greenville street sweeper cleaning up the Sam’s parking lot. Maybe you should contract with them to keep our streets clean.

BOH! Is it just me or are the weather forecasters getting it wrong more and more often? I learned not to cancel any outdoor plans according to them.

BYH — I don’t believe that for five of the nine Sunday In The Park concerts that alcohol should be served. There are two reasons: it is a Sunday and this series was meant to be for families. I don’t mind it for Concerts on The Common but not on the Lord’s day. Also, please don’t take any more of the common for development; enough of downtown has been taken.

Bless our heart, our lives begin to end the day we are silent about things that matter.

It may be harder for a rich man to get into Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle but the preachers sure do bend over backward to give the rich man a mighty fine sendoff. Of course needles are not used much these days since the Chinese make all the clothes so maybe this theory is outdated like many others.

BYH , any American, white, black, or otherwise should be afraid of critical race theory. It does not “encourage critical thinking.” It is a Marxist tenant that has infiltrated every area of our society, especially in our schools. It, along with critical law theory is designed to create chaos, violence, polarization and division.

Did some grocery store self checkout yesterday. There was no part number on the loose tomatoes so I looked them up. Of course there were several varieties. So I asked the young lady warden overseeing us trustees which one it was. She said, “Just pick the cheapest.” I guess she is not one of the Walton family.

BYH, much is made, and misunderstood, of the word patriotism. Teddy Roosevelt said patriotism is standing by your country, not your president or any other public official. The flag is a symbol, representing the freedom to peacefully protest some “sacred” national song. Forced genuflection is something worthy of North Korea. And I “pledge allegiance” to Christ, not some flag.

No, we are not a Christian nation. An estimated 62% of us claim to be Christians (a declining percentage), but God, Christianity, and Jesus are not mentioned in the Constitution, our founding document and supreme law. Describing us as a Christian nation directly contradicts the First Amendment.

BYH, everything will change when your desire to move on exceeds or desire to hold on.

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