BYH to ECU students. Greenville welcomes you back; as long as you practice the 3Ws. Wear a face covering, Wait 6 feet apart and Wash your hands. Prove to our community that you are intelligent young adults with compassion for others.

BYH to the young first responders who don’t wear masks while shopping for breakfast supplies for your station during senior hours at Bells Fork Harris Teeter. Guess your training doesn’t extend to social responsibility.

New BERN. ROCKY Mount. NAGS Head. The Inner banks? This is not the eastern North Carolina that I grew up in.

BYH to Greenville Planning and Zoning Commission. They think it’s unsafe spending long periods of time in enclosed spaces with people because it increases the risk of contracting COVID-19. Then why is it safe for schools to open for teachers and students? Unbelievable!

The U.S. Postal Service always seems to be short of money. One way to raise a lot of money would be to offer residents a “filter” that would eliminate all advertisements and political mailers. The post office could keep the advertising postage fees and charge the residents for throwing the junk mail away. Seems like a plan to me. Next we can move on to innovative ways to cut the ECU Athletic deficit spending.

BYH to our friends from the east for a great COVID-19 hint. If you have difficulty breathing, get a steam inhaler. Put in a few cloves with the water in the inhaler and let the steam cleanse your nose and sinuses. But please do not put in any Clorox with the water!!!

When protest mobs are “largely peaceful,” it means they are only rioting, torching, plundering and vandalizing part of the time. So that’s OK, right?

BTNH, working in retail for 50 plus years, at seminars we learned: 95 percent of customers are mostly happy, 3 percent are always happy, 2 percent, no matter how hard you try to please them, will never be happy.

Be advised merchants: If you allow customers in your stores without face masks, I will not buy from you. There are plenty that are making serious efforts to enforce face masks, that is where I am shopping.

BYH to the lady who witnessed at the fuel pump that I could not find my wallet, which contained my club card as well as my credit card. I was told that the fuel would be paid for using her cards. I asked if I could have her name and address, but she insisted to just pass it on. Fortunately, I have a brother in Greenville who met us and paid my debt to this kind and trusting lady.

BYH, Sam Adams. You were never president as another poster mentioned, but you do brew fine beer!

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