Bless my heart, I was called “kind” today. Well, the full quote was “you’re kind of annoying,” but I only concentrate on the positive.

College football fans are willing to risk the lives of the players so we can have a season. Shameful! That some colleges are asking players to sign a COVID waiver should tell us something. What is the old saying about death in battle? “You got to crack eggs to make an omelet.” Let’s put the health and safety of our students first. Playing ball is not the reason for college.

I think the North Carolina taxpayers spend around $9,500 per year to educate one student. How about pay the parents the $9,500 for home-schooling their kids. That would make it easier for the parents to home-school and take the burden off the public school monopoly. Working together we can meet the needs of our children.

BYH Bradford Creek golf. Why does Recreation and Parks need it to be self-supporting? All other programs are highly subsidized. Wilson seems to understand the value of a city owned course and has figured out a way to have a well run and popular resource for the community. Has the city considered talking with Wilson officials?

No BYH to HBO and their Perry Mason series. It is a sacrilege to Earl Stanley Gardner and Raymond Burr and my father and me. Shame, shame.

A BYH to the poster wanting less “dissension” and more “happy” in our BYH section postings. I totally agree. In reality, though, this section is made up of Greenvillites who are energized enough to post. It seems this subset of Greenville isn’t all happy all the time. Doesn’t mean I don’t search for “happy” during my day, just not planning for it to come from BYH. Maybe a new section, HT, “Happy Thoughts?”

BYH teachers. This year, each of your students will be issued a chrome book to manage schoolwork in the 2020-21 school year. Each teacher will be issued a Magic 8 Ball in lieu of a class planner.

BYH DR, someone please educate the writers on how to use the word “faculty.” The headline on July 22 should have read “Faculty raise concerns” because in that instance it is being used as a plural. Faculty can be plural or singular, but when singular should be “faculty member.” This is a university town and your writers need to know how to use these words correctly. It’s embarrassing!

BYH, the Trump ad that shows fires and looting with the tag line “You won’t be safe in Biden’s America,” shows actual footage of Trump’s America.

I live in an apartment complex. Please don’t dispose of your used masks and gloves in the parking lot. Respect our homes.

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