BYH, if everybody who didn’t vote in the last election all voted in unison, they could elect anybody they choose, even if who they voted for didn’t belong to a party.

Bless their hearts, it would be pretty stupid for protestors to protest at federal buildings and federal sites, giving Trump a legitimate reason to call out his unmarked storm troopers.

Bless his heart Mnuchin says they would not use taxpayer money to pay people to stay home. Short of a vaccine that is the only way to stop the virus.

Bless Greg Murphy’s heart, if the schools were safe, why would they need liability protection?

I visited my favorite hamburger place in this weekend. No masks, no gloves, no distance between the tables. You showed me how little you care for your customers.

BYH to the NCAE, North Carolina Association of Educators. Where is their voice for protecting educators and public school employees from in-school learning during this pandemic? The same people give money to that organization and they do nothing to protect them. Schools should be opening with remote learning!

BYH to anyone who thinks the Portland Police will be defunded or 911 stopped, just not true. Just made up scare tactics.

BYH, the best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but they don’t tell you what to see.

BYH, the problem is not that people are not educated, it’s that people are educated just enough to repeat what they are taught, but not educated enough to question what they are taught.

BYH, these people just went from “wearing a mask is tyranny” to “the government can snatch people off the streets in unmarked vans” in just 2 weeks.

Joe Biden is hiding from reporters’ tough questions, which he won’t be able to do much longer. President Trump answers more questions from reporters, who mostly are liberal, and some who absolutely hate him, on his way to the helicopter at the White House than Biden has answered in 10 months.

Bless their hearts, Republicans have always mixed public health with politics, both nationally and here in North Carolina.

So people not wanting to carry around germ laden and inconvenient pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and paper money is now a sign of the end times? But decades of check use were not? BYH if you are like me and carry satan’s plastic because it’s convenient.

BYH, when morality comes up against profit, profit seldom loses.

Like our president, one must have a high IQ to solve the July 22 crossword which lacked correct numbering. BYH, I did it!

Bless your heart, if you ever watched a person die of the corona virus you would wear a mask.

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