BTH. Some teachers unions are threatening to strike over insistence that they actually teach classes. If teachers strike when they are not even having school, who would know?

BYH, if I get the Wuhan Virus after 14 days of isolation, I will never wear a mask again.

Joe Biden will answer all those hard questions in due time. The big difference is that when he answers press questions as he boards the helicopter, those answers will be truthful.

BYH to millennials. At first, I thought they refused to practice social distancing and wear masks because they were spoiled snots. I now understand that the motive is much more sinister than that. It’s very simple, they are just moving up the date of their inheritance.

A big thank you to Eric, a young man who works at Parker’s Barbecue on Memorial Drive. We had a large company curbside order that he delivered to my car with a smile. We found some items missing so I called Parker’s and informed Eric of the oversight. What a well-mannered young man! He was apologetic and kind. Thank you also to his parents — he is who he is due to you!

Bless my old brain. What are the odds that schools will be able remain open with a highly infectious virus loose in our community before a vaccine is widely available? My guess is one month.

BYH, if capitalism is so great, why does it have to get bailed out by socialism every 10 years?

No BYH to the CSX employee who made the decision to work on all of the railroad crossings from the airport to the 264 bypass. Finish one then move to the next. Very inconsiderate! Wish I could say I was surprised by that decision but I am not!

BYH. Many families registered for in-person school because they can pull their children out at any time, while opting for virtual classes only prohibits them from attending in-person until mid-term. Many may still opt to keep their children home if virus numbers increase even more when ECU students return.

Bless your hearts to Democratic ads saying they support small business. The only business Democrats understand is government business. The business where few people work. The business where I spend your money. Most Democrats don’t know that all government spending must be paid for by taxpayers. Since many don’t pay taxes, everything works out well for them.

Republicans, bless what used to be your hearts. You are silent and supportive of a racist would be dictator. Do something. Say something. You have allowed the most corrupt executive branch in American history to flourish. Still, you say nothing and you do nothing.

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