Bless my heart, I went up to the receptionist to tell her I was there to sign in for my doctor’s appointment. “Which doctor?” she asked. “No, I’m here to see a regular doctor.”

If half the parents are afraid to send their kids back to school, then re-open the schools as normal and you automatically have 50 percent capacity. Problem solved.

Greenville might consider replacing the unknown Confederate soldier statue in front of the courthouse with one of Willis Carrrier, the inventor of the air conditioner.

BYH to the individual writing that the wearing of a mask is an IQ test. It is very apparent to me that this person is not only insightful but has a superior intellect. Thank you.

A very big BYH to the lady at Walmart with the cutest little boy. You paid for my items and I am very grateful. I will definitely pay it forward. In view of all of the negativity around us, there are still good people in the world.

BYH UNC Public TV for a wonderfully uplifting Fourth of July celebration. May God bless America!

Thanks to FOX for showing the Fourth of July celebration at the Washington Mall in a positive light while MSNBC and CNN sought to tear it down. Bless our heart.

We all need to lock the doors on our cars each time we leave the car. Assume that every night someone will try to open the car doors to see what is on offer to steal. Last thing before going to bed is to make sure all car doors are locked. “Lock it or lose it!”

BYH delivery drivers. You all need to familiarize yourself with what a Ring doorbell and other security cameras look like. We have video of you standing on the ground and throwing our package up the stairs to land on the porch. Maybe you should think of climbing a few steps as a free workout. Some people pay good money to join gyms and use the stair climber.

BYH, white privilege is choosing to save Confederate monuments because they are “part of history,” but not lifting a finger as Native American sites are destroyed because of industry or treaty breaking. Before carving on it, Mount Rushmore was a sacred mountain in the territory “given” to the Lakota by the U.S. government; it was called Six Grandfathers Mountain.

BYH John Paul High School Athletic Complex. Move forward on their zoning to use this facility. Best complex anywhere around!

BYH to the man who thinks an exclusive golf shirt means he’s better than other men. All I see is a man overcompensating for something by trying to buy some class. I don’t recall Jesus being worried about his disciples having shirts with fancy logos or the state of his swagger.

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