BYH to the doctors, nurses and staff working in Vidant’s surgical department, admissions and 2-West. My son recently had surgery and everyone we came in contact with was amazing and put this Mama’s heart at ease. Thank you!

BYH, June know how much I love you? So May it always be. I’d March into your arms again, but why July to me?

Why the silence from the Dems on violence in American cities across America? Are protestors only against cops on black lives? What about blacks killing their own? Is this part of their plan to destroy America? They’ve got a pretty good start.

So Sheriff Paula Dance is threatening the owners of Sawyers Fun Park with arrest but you can still take your kids to daycare and ECU can still play football and basketball, bless ALL of your Greenville hearts!

BYH to the person who thinks John Paul has a wonderful complex. Not so much for the hundreds of homeowners in surrounding neighborhoods. We were here first and did not anticipate the invasion of our privacy, intrusion of light, speaker sound and traffic. They came in quietly saying one thing and changed mid-stream wanting more. Why didn’t they go out in the country?

Confederate statues in places of honor is the same as placing a statue of Osama Bin Ladin at the World Trade Center in NYC or Judas Iscariot in a Christian church. The aim of the Confederacy was to divide and destroy the United States. Thank God they lost so we can proudly say this is the USA. Lets us fly no other flag but that of the “Stars and Stripes.”

BYH, America will not be destroyed by universal health care, asylum seekers, affordable housing or renewable energy; but rather by greed, incompetence, indifference, inequality, corruption and collusion.

Bless our hearts. A cohort said that you can tell who is a Republican or Democrat because if you are a Democrat you are wearing a mask. My reply was that you can tell who is stupid and who is smart. The smart folks are the ones wearing masks. Wear a mask.

BYH to our system of justice but we are our own worst enemy. The sheriff’s office warned Air U 36 times and they were still operational? Hasn’t the sheriff got better things to do than keep telling someone multiple times to obey the mandate? I don’t know who is more at fault, the sheriff or Air U.

President Trump is pushing for schools to reopen in the fall. This is not a good idea. Children are vectors that will spread the virus. They are very much like rats in the Middle Ages spreading disease. There is little or no doubt that they will bring him home something you can live without.

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