Bless your heart to all the drivers who have not heard of the safety device in their cars called a turn signal. The rest of us are not mind readers, and do not know your intentions. Don't let me get started on headlight use when it is raining or foggy.

So Greg Murphy beat Joan Perry, but according to commercials they were both liberal. Now who do I vote for?

I remember the hazing and abuse of boot camp. Many young men could not handle it. I had no problems whatsoever as I had heard it all before. I was already married.

I called to purchase two tickets to the ECU guitar festival recitals at Fletcher but was told there was no parking available nearby. The nice young lady suggested I use the parking deck and walk. Sadly, I will have to pass on her solution and will miss enjoying the talent and artistry of the guitar performances. I am too old, too tired, and too hormonal to walk over a mile in the afternoon heat of August through the concrete jungle and speeding traffic of Greenville. Bless my little, old, disappointed heart.

Shame on partisan Kandie Smith for picking the governor over her constituents. Instead of hurting our law enforcement now you are hurting all of us in Pitt County.

BYH to the people who feel it’s necessary to refer to President Trump’s supporters as stupid. I personally have a masters degree and I’m a professional. It seems that people that don’t have a good argument resort to name calling. Just grow up and enjoy the next 5 years. Keep America Great and #Trump2020.

BYH Allen Thomas for your platform that excludes any and all mention of the rapidly growing national debt. It won't go anywhere but increase if you just plan to ignore it and spend more.

BYH: To all those who celebrated the women's soccer team home. Boy, they got more attention, and welcoming than our soldiers did returning from war. Talk about political correctness! Can we say overkill.

Big shout out to Mayor Connelly for paving all these major roads in our city. Greenville Blvd, Arlington, Memorial Drive, Evans Street, 10th Street, and the list goes on and on.

Since Greenville is finally repaving 10th St, I hope they finally add the long needed bicycle lanes to and from ECU's main campus. It would be a great way to continue the new lanes from the 10th St connector all the way to campus, even if they stupidly stop at Memorial Drive and fail to get to the medical campus but that is typical of a half-donkey job NCDOT typically does, Bless Their Congested Hearts.

Ye who enjoy the produce from the garden, yet, don't work to pick any of the produce from the garden, shall never comment repeatedly on what size you think is perfect for the picking of the aforementioned produce.

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