BYH Greenville truly has it all. All of the fascists, racists behind our great leader.

BYH to the liberals and main street media for non stop 24 hour bashing of President Trump because if people at his rally chanting send her back, yet nothing about Omar's racist comments about Israel or praising the attackers of 911. Minnesota can keep her. (Note: President Trump at Wednesday's rally said "I look at Omar ... I hear the way she talks about Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has killed many Americans. She said you can hold your chest out, you can — when I think of Al Qaeda I can hold my chest out." He also falsely claimed that Omar "talked about how great Al Qaeda is." In the original 2013 PBS interview where Omar made the "hold my chest out" statement, which was misinterpreted by the President, Omar repeatedly condemns the "evil" acts and "atrocities" committed by Al Qaeda.)

Congratulations, local GOP rallygoers! You accomplished the impossible and forced the president to disavow his own crowd with your ridiculous and racist chanting about an American citizen. Way to put Greenville on the map!

BYH, 13 second chant about nothing. News media making a mountain out of a mole hill Trump rally was awesome! People turned out. That’s what the Democrats don’t like.

BYH Greenville and ECU. Now that you are Harry Smith/Phil Berger University and have their appointed chancellor in place, you can expect more Trump events and right wing garbage on campus. Of course Dan the man will not apologize for having this event as that would offend his puppet masters. It doesn't matter what we alumni think.

BYH to the folks who chanted "Send her back." I agree we should send her back to the state who elected her. The sooner the better.

BYH to the liberal left that consistently call Republicans Nazi. The Nazis and the crazed left Democrats support taking citizens guns, outlawing free speech (hate speech?), government control of everything and mindless allegiance. Bless our hearts for not knowing.

Come on fellow Christians, time to come clean. Trump exhibits none of the virtues of Jesus, swears like a drunk in a bar, and does nothing to love thy neighbor. Time to renounce your allegiance to King Donald in favor of the true King. In your hearts you know I'm right.

Bless your crybaby heart....I am as white as can be and I am sure that President Trump would treat me just like those 4 evil women if I shared their evil thoughts and intentions for this country! Enough already with this damn race card!

BYH Greenville, we're now the American version of Nuremberg.

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