Donald Trump coming to our city is completely disgraceful. Pitt County does not embody his divisive rhetoric and lack of morals. Bless all of our hearts!

Hey lazy, I mean lady, you gotta figure out a better way to check your mail then by pulling over in your vehicle and impeding oncoming traffic that is coming out of a curve.

BYH to all law-abiding citizens. When did it come to the point that governors, including N.C. governor, are above the law? They are telling their local police to disobey the laws of the federal government. I wish the federal government would bring charges against those state governors for disobeying our federal laws.

BYH to the Starbucks snowflake who was uncomfortable with a police officer in the store while she was there. I wonder who she will call if someone I breaking in her house at 4 a.m. I recommend the Greenville Police Department. BYH, GPD.

BYH, Dr. Murphy. Now that you are a candidate for Congress, please don't follow the political tradition of negative ads aimed at making an opponent look worse than yourself. Tell us how you will support Eastern NC if you can without using Trump as a crutch. Keep this campaign clean and honest.

To the gentleman searching for "Dr. Zhivago" on blu-ray: it is available at You can order and have it shipped to the store for pickup, or to your home. It is a favorite of mine!

My heart goes out to he mother that lost her son Tuesday. What has happened to police using their Tasers. I just believe there could have been a totally different outcome to this unfortunate incident.

BTH of Roy Cooper for vetoing the state budget which has lead to a compromise with legislatures on Medicaid expansion. Now 300,000 more North Carolina residents will have health care. Well done Roy!

A huge thank you to the USS Paul Navy veteran I had the pleasure of chatting with Monday while shopping. Thank you for your service! I truly enjoyed hearing about your Navy adventures.

BYH Henry Hinton. Do you actually believe that your candidate won't be accepting outside money in his race?

I sure hope that when the city reopens Fifth St., they fix those broken bicycle lanes. They go a few feet, stop, start, stop again, start again, stop again. It is so confusing; no wonder why so many ECU students and residents just decide to ride illegally on the sidewalks bowling pedestrians out of their way. Please Greenville, learn from real cities like Raleigh on how to make and sign proper bike lanes.

No BYH to off-shore drilling in North Carolina! No, no, no! The environment, the tourism trade and of course our hurricanes, Are you serious? Who even brought this up?

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