Bless your heart, Mayor Connelly and City Council! We teach our children to take care of what they have and maybe they’ll get more. You keep trying to expand and add more attractions, but the GAFC still doesn’t have a family dressing area and a pier at River Park North has been closed for over a year. Please be responsible and take care of what we have now before you spend more!

BMH Trump didn’t make America racist, he made the racists feel comfortable enough to show their faces in public. Yep, he did that and here we are, ignoring their attack on the Capital and our Democracy. We need an independent commission to show all who were responsible, including the members of the GOP who also made it possible. Don’t shoot the messenger, just know we are in a sad state of affairs.

Bless your heart to the attendees in Pitt County who wasted their time listening to the worst president ever in American history! Why would anybody with a lick of common sense support an insurrectionist and traitor who caused death and destruction on Jan. 6, 2021?

BMH. I am so tired of hearing and reading about how terrible President Trump is. Please, please tell me how you think our country is doing now with President Biden! Compare jobs lost, gas prices and how much money is being sent to other countries. God bless us. We may never recover with this administration!

BYH, thanks for not giving former president top billing for his recent local state convention talk. Being on page A5 in print version of Daily Reflector .

BYH Pat Gruner on your article about President Trump coming to Greenville. You failed to mention a head count. How many people came to support him. People came from all over. Why aren’t you an honest journalist and write the facts and tell the truth?

Well, it didn’t give a head count but the article did make it clear the house was packed with people from everywhere.

BYH ongoing China and immigration problems. Wouldn’t it be great if we cut imports from China and set up factories in Central America/Mexico to improve conditions there and eliminate much of the migration problem.

A cantaloupe is an antelope that doesn’t.

A pirate walks into a bar with a paper towel on his head. “What’s with the towel?” asks the bartender. “Arrr” the pirate replies. “I’ve got a Bounty on me head!”

BYH BYH column, a naive, predictable failure of a public benefit forum has arrived at its predictable destination of a pissing match with editorial foot on the scale. It’s not instructive, corrective, uplifting. It’s as depressing as the jail bookings. Adios amigo!

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