No BYH to proposals to place a restaurant and event venue on the Town Common. Rather than tear up more precious green space, officials please put your focus on finding tenants for the ample restaurant space closer to the parking deck. Then folks could stroll or cycle to our gem by the river. Maybe the trolley vendor could be enticed to offer rides there.

If citizens of Greenville could vote in favor of or against rezoning the Town Common for commercial use, I would vote no. We have enough hotels and restaurants. Why not consider many of the unoccupied buildings? Turn them into something profitable. A good example is all the empty spaces by the theater on Greenville Boulevard. What a waste!

If you give a man a fish for a day, you tell him he’s a Democrat, so he demands a bigger and better fish on every succeeding day. If you teach a man to fish, then he forms a company, hires employees, pays taxes, and decides he’s a Republican. Your call.

BYH David Tepper. You lease the Carolina Panthers stadium from the city of Charlotte for a bargain of $1 per year. Well, at 25 years old it no longer has its new car smell. So you are floating an idea to build a new stadium to include funds from city, state and county sources. Another socialist program for the billionaire class that recent news makes clear already don’t pay their fair share in taxes.

They may be locked up for a crime that they committed but they’re still human. You have people sleeping on floors in a cell. How can you have three people in a cell and call it quarantine? Why aren’t the prisoners being given gloves to clean with instead of using their bare hands when you know COVID-19 is still alive well along with people having scabies? Bless your heart to the Pitt County Detention Center?

Let’s be honest: the City Council does not want to lower the property tax rate to help the average citizen, who would see a very minor reduction on their tax bill. They want to help the commercial and residential landlords make larger profits. The mayor, who runs a rental property business, stands to benefit, as does Council Member Bell’s father-in-law. Can you say “conflict of interest?” Bless their hearts.

Bless your heart, all you folks who refuse to get vaccinated. Do you realize if you don’t, that may cause us not to achieve herd immunity? If we don’t achieve herd immunity, another wave of the pandemic will likely happen. People will die needlessly. Please put aside your personal objections and get vaccinated for the sake of your fellow man!

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