BYH, the WWII generation was called 'the greatest generation'. The 80's were the 'me generation', what is it now? The 'me and ONLY me generation'.

Bless your heart Dr. Murphy- the successful private practice persona seems to be a sham in the face of the Vidant Urology sign outside your building. Why so secretive? Interesting too that yours is the only picture posted in every story about the Vidant/UNC conflict. Afraid to speak up and anger your new boss?

BYH to the current state of our downtown district. I hear the private sector is getting ready to rock the downtown area with some new leadership and projects that will surely be a welcoming site for the citizens of Greenville. I sure hope it’s more than an outside checker board.

My car was flooded downtown while I ate during a rainstorm this weekend. I shouldn’t have to pay for the damage to my car when the mayor and city wouldn’t support storm water improvements. No bless your heart.

Bless Your Heart to the person who thinks the mayor should run for governor. He should try and create jobs after so many have been lost during his term and not focus on running for governor.

Mayor Connelly, thank you for your presence at the Jackie Robinson opening ceremony this weekend. It means a lot to us un West Greenville to see you presence because the last mayor never showed for the event.

BYH Dr. Murphy. Thanks for joining Vidant with your fear mongering. Endangering lives? Waldrum and Vidant should have never duped the county commission to change the appointment rules. What is going on now is Vidant's fault, and as a citizen who pays taxes, the state should be presented with picks — picks that are not handpicked by Waldrum.

Was Allen Thomas the mayor or just a good Pirate Radio prop?

Has the county considered starting an abroad program? We could send all the county commissioners abroad and maybe they will bring back other people's money instead of stealing ours.

What's the difference between a liberal and socialist? Nothing, they are both stupid.

With all this rainfall over the last several days, I wish someone out there was a little concerned about the inundation, my liberal friends and I will be forced out of our underground safe spaces.

Bless our hearts. Dr Greg Murphy is now a VIDANT employee in addition to being the senior chairman of the House Committee on Health. Talk about conflict of interest! What about ECU and Greenville?

BYH to the person who thankful there was an alternative in Allen Thomas in the NC District 3 election. That, my friend, is the same as having NO alternative. Research all aspects of his background before you decide to vote for him.

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