What did I miss, George Floyd was a thug, a drug user, a criminal. Why do we keep talking about him?

Because he was killed over eight minutes and forty-six seconds on video by a police officer.

BYH to the local businesses whose employees are wearing masks. Many of us appreciate the respect and courtesy it shows for your patrons. Mask wearing is a bit tiresome, to be sure, but right now, it is necessary in many instances. I hope that we all can show those employees the same respect and courtesy they show us.

BYH, Condoleezza Rice: "Don't sanitize history by taking down monuments! When you start wiping out your history, sanitizing your history to make you feel better, it's a bad thing," she said.

Which black lives matter? No media coverage of Officer Patrick Underwood killed by rioters. I guess it does not fit the narrative.

It may be appropriate to remove Confederate statues, but not in the middle of the night by a mob. If you want them gone let's vote on it like civilized people then take the appropriate action.

I recognize that President Trump is probably not a Christian but he governs Christian friendly. President Obama may not have been a Muslim but he sure did govern Muslim friendly.

So, Christians good, Muslims bad. Check. Thank goodness for agnostics.

BYH Republicans. You are scared of a nonexistent organization that is going to send violent liberals to your town. They are getting together at Whole Foods. Look out for the rainbow colored electric buses full of vegans. They are coming tie dye you.

BYH, they are taking down the Confederate statues. You watch, the Founding Fathers will be next.

BYH, I'm peaceful, not harmless.

Sports plus politics equals division. When people sit down to watch a good sports game, they don't want to see politics, they want to see a good game. These players make millions of dollars a year. They have the money to promote their causes. Ads can be purchased in the newspapers, radio and TV. They can also run ads on social media. They don't do this because they have to spend their own money.

The news reports that now you have to sign a waiver before going to a Trump event in case you contract the virus. Stormy says “That’s not news.”

BLM. Not a WLM. BET awards. Not a WET. Black history month. Not a white history month. Racism?

Police encounters in 2019: 375 million. Five year average of people killed by police remarkably consistent around 1,000, with unarmed victims consistently declining, including those for blacks. Facts matter.

Unarmed civilians killed by police in 2019: Whites 19, black 9. Both too many. Is police reform needed. Yes, but the narrative about a pandemic of police killing unarmed blacks has no factual basis. In fact, a police officer is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black man than a unarmed black is to be killed by police. Facts matter.

Capt. David Dorn — which lives matter? Only the ones that fit an agenda? Why didn't the main stream media cover the death and funeral of Capt. Dorn, a retired black police officer killed by looters? Or what about the Las Vegas officer on life support? A legitimate concern about police reform is high jacked for political purposes.

The death and violence against officers was covered extensively, particularly in the communities where they occurred. They were not covered to the same extent for obvious reasons: The violence was a direct reaction to the killing of George Floyd over eight minutes and forty-six seconds on video by a police officer.

Why did the chicken cross the road? For the answer we search and search. Turns out he just wanted a photo op, in front of Saint John's Church. BYH

I read your article on furloughs in the Athletic director's office. Seems to me that 135 employees is an awful lot for the Athletic Director's office. Is this some of the layers and layers of administrators that plagues state supported universities? And I am guessing the $10 million athletic department deficit will be wiped clean by stroking another check from an "auxiliary fund." How much is in this "auxiliary fund?" I am confused.

BYH to those individuals petitioning for the ECU swimming and tennis teams to return. Please go to the teams page on the ECU website and view the team membership. The majority of the student athletes are international players (e.g., Brazil, Sweden, Italy, UK). Consider the savings in terms of recruitment and support. It was a hard but just decision to end these two sports.

BYH to the local radio host who stirs up a hornet's nest every morning on his show. If you think you have all the answers, why don't you run for a political office?

BYH Democrats for wanting to want prepaid postage for ballot envelopes, to make Election Day a state holiday and more flexible hours. Seriously? You'll can riot and protest all ours of the day but can't take time to buy a stamp or adjust your protest time to make it to the ballot box.

Bless our virus-fearing hearts. Have your gathering of any size, just put up a sign that says 'PROTEST' and the virus will not hurt you. Our governor says so. If you are officially protesting whatever you disagree with, you are apparently immune.

BYH for all monuments erected to the past history. Because we like or don’t like history doesn’t mean we sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist. Maybe we would be better to learn from our past. Removing monuments is not the answer.

Would it be too much for the NCDHHS and the media to report COVID cases by saying: "There are XX number of active cases. There have been a total of XX cases since the start of the pandemic?" This is not as sensational as "We have a total of XX cases." Your reporting that we have a record number every day is ludicrous. Since it is a running total, it will always be a record.

The recent records reported for the state and Pitt County have been one-day totals of new cases. Obviously, the cumulative total breaks a record every day.

Getting rid of Chase on Paw Patrol will end racism once and for all time. He was the culprit and erasing him from our minds will do the trick. Glad we got that sorted.

I see where out there in Seattle the protesters have taken over part of the city and declared it an "autonomous zone." I live in fear that that will be the future of the "Brook Valley Shortcut." Greenville leaders must step up and keep us together. I may not be affluent enough to live along the Brook Valley Shortcut but my car registration is all in order. Insurance, tags and inspection up-to-date.

BYH, what happened to the 20-teens? Did I blink?

BYH to the person who thinks defunding the police will lead to the Klan running things. They already do, they just happen to be wearing blue uniforms instead of white robes.

One preposterous statement leads to another.

As wearing masks becomes more and more politicized, going to the local big box store for groceries gets scarier. Many of the same folks not covering their faces are the same ones who won't follow the directional arrows on the floor. Bless your stubborn hearts. You may not believe in the virus, but the virus believes you'd be a great place to settle in for a little corona party.

A no BYH to those protesters defacing the historical statues. Really? Have you not paid attention in history class? You are tampering with history! What's next? Brainwashing?

Bless Your Heart to Black Lives Matter for demanding public money be transferred from the police funds and be spent on social programs for minorities. I agree we should spend $2 million dollars right now. Oh, wait, we just spent that on an elaborate memorial to a black church. Maybe that money could have been used more wisely.

Be careful what you wish for you just might get it — people wanted North Carolina to reopen and it did and the COVID cases spiked. The GOP wants a full convention event and they just might get it.

BYH, ECU. When furloughing employees, why not start with the ones that were hired during the hiring freeze?

Bless your heart to those who would tear down statues of historical significance. There is a famous quote that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." History is what it is. Tearing down the statues will not change history. Let's not forget.

BYH, NASCAR. Really, ban a Confederate flag from any car because it's racist and allow a racist BLM car. You caved. The 1st Amendment means nothing these days.

BYH of the BLM movement, what's your real agenda? If you were really concerned about the killing of black people, you would be protesting and demanding to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Since we are rewriting History, we may as well rewrite the entire English language. The whole world is in a backwards mode. Bless all of our Hearts.

George Floyd deserves a Federal Holiday the same as Martin Luther King, Jr! George will be remembered as a great American and a mentor for all young people.

It seems to me that only certain neighborhoods want to defund the police. Why not allow these neighborhoods to opt out of police protection? I'm sure neighborhood watch could keep the peace.

Bless your heart, Trump is here to dismantle everything you didn't realize how much you loved, needed and counted on. Wait til you see what he tries to do to the Post Office.

The only way black people are going to get ahead in life is to quit listening to the Democratic party. What has this party done for you in the last 30 years to make your life better? You have your freedom, but the Democratic party has your minds in chains.

Bless the hearts of white people. According to the news feeds, as of 1619, we are all born racist. My dad always said it's a good day when you learn something new. I always wondered why non white people always made the remark "it's cause she's white." My only issue is, I've always treated everyone who treated me with respect the same. 

Why is everyone honoring a criminal's life, and funeral. Have we lost our minds. What about the officers killed over this incident? Especially our local sheriff and chiefs of police.

Want to keep the swimming and diving team at ECU? Easy! Just hit up the students with some more student athletic fees. The students have had it too easy for too long! Make them pay their fair share. Paying your own way is part of being an American.

It is easy to keep the ECU Swimming Team just by stroking some more checks on that "auxiliary fund" that recently was tapped for $13.2 million or so to shore up the athletic department. I'm thinking the auxiliary fund is like the old aunt in the nursing home that keeps bailing you out. Must be nice.

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